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questions about replacing 200tdi with 3.9 efi

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I wondered if anyone "knew" the answers to the following questions and was willing to share their knowledge¬†ūüėÄ

The 3.9 is a non cat non lambda v belt efi version with an auto box 

1. Do I need to run the speedo cable with the transducer with it? I was planning on a straight defender type cable but have recently read that this will upset the 14cux and make it problematic coming back to idle from overrun as the ecu won't know the roadspeed. If I have to use this does anyone know the best colour drive gear to use for a 200tdi speedo head.

2. I have read the v belt temperature sensor reads sensibly with a 200tdi temperature gauge. Is that correct?

3. i am planning to alter the existing gearbox cooler pipes by cutting the metal part and rejoining using rubber hoses with jubilee clips. Any reason not to do this?

thanks for your help

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Changed a V8 from carbs to efi years ago so might be able to answer some of your questions.

Yes you need the road speed transducer

the best colour gear to use is the one you already have fitted to your existing transfer box

If you have a branch of Pirtek local to you, they will be able to fit your oil cooler pipes with the proper fixings for a small price, though there is nothing wrong with jubilee clips 

There are 3 different temperature guages listed but they change with chassis number, not engine type. The sender unit for a 200 is a different part No to the V8 and I have had numerous sender units in my V8, one of which talks to the gauge sensibly, the remainder do not. The relevant part being PRC2506

It will be immediately obvious if they aren't talking to each other sensibly

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Very helpful thank you Neil

the transfer box came from an rrc (might have been useful to say that earlier) so I wasn't sure if it would need the same gear with a defender speedo 

I'll try the cooler pipes with jubilee clips and once the setup is proven I could get some proper pipes made

great info on the sender number 

thanks again

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