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Running injectors with no fuel supply (for testing)

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I'm looking to build a test-rig using actual parts, including a set of injectors - but it would be super convenient if I could run them without having to supply (and catch) fuel.

Anyone know if it's OK to do this? Perhaps fill them with light oil and cap the ends or something just to lubricate the moving part?

Purpose is to soak-test ECU's although I'd rather not kill the injectors if I can avoid it.

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Not certain but I remember using an injector flow and pattern tester may years ago and it recirculated the fluid.

Viscor seems to be the most common recommendation, this stuff will probably be OK for use with petrol injectors as it will provide the right lubrication. Not cheap but should last forever.


I guess with no pressure it SHOULD be OK to fill the injector and cap it as it will lubricate it correctly, maybe a small reservoir above the injectors so any loss is replaced.


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