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CSW rear door spare wheel mount

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Can somebody please tell me the correct location of the Clamp plate, item 2 on p. 892 of the 1987 LR 110 Defender parts catalogue.  Does it go inside or outside of the door skin?  The details in the parts catalogue do not indicate its actual position.  I know, I took it off and should remember where it was fitted, but after nearly four years my memory has faded!  Many thanks in advance for any guidance.


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Hi, Simon,

It sure is "fun"!  Thinking at the time of dis-assembly that I was doing a real good job of photoing, labeling, bagging and writing notes, and of course, suffering from "I know where that goes" and "I won't forget that." I find that I'm very often scratching the bald spot trying to figure out what goes where.  Most of the mechanical bits are back together, so I'm about to start on the next pit of serpents - the electrics.  Thank goodness for a forum like this, 'cos no doubt I'll be calling on the bigger brain of the forum for some clarifications and help during that phase of the exercise.  Watch this space ........


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