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cutting sheet steel


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Hi all,

this is probably an old one, but I found out it works a treat and is cheap!

I needed to cut various bits of 18g steel sheet while restoring my RRC. Cuts over 300mm long were a real pain.

18" Gilbows hurt my wrist, Monodex nibbler ditto, and slow.

Jigsaw with metal blade so so. Angle grinder and cutting disc very spectacular, noisy, imprecise and expensive.

But old (non pendulum) B&D jigsaw, bought for £1 at a boot sale, with small bit of flexible hacksaw blade worked like a dream.

I used a flexible HSS type blade cut into 60mm (ish) lengths. You'll need to cut down the width for about 15mm to fit the jigsaw then away you go.

The width of the blade meant it was held against the jigsaw sole plate so couldn't move backwards.

I bit of blade cut about 3 metres before it started to lose teeth but you get 4 or 5 blades from a hacksaw blade so who cares.

It also leaves the sheet perfectly flat, not like shears.

As with all powered cutting operations remember your gloves and goggles!

Oh, and I've just picked up a couple of Gunson's colourtunes at another boot sale, (£2 for both) anyone used them on 3.9 V8 efi or LPG?

Cheers, Bob

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