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Extra X-Eng X-Brake Tweak


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Ralphs excellent X-Eng X-Brake "How to fit post" was finally enough to spur me into action too. :unsure:

A Mate had previously stripped and rebuilt my handbrake assembly 3 months ago, .....1 trip off road and it was useless again, ....full of mud and not working, I stripped it again for the MOT in Dec, .....and the DRD 27th Dec saw again .......a useless kin handbrake. :angry:

So, having pulled it apart AGAIN as it was not adjusting up and working, I saw the shoes had worn away ....AGAIN.

So I ran Si and collected one - same as Westerns.

I was worried re the thumping big PTO Pump and hoses etc running off the back of my gearbox, but took the leap of faith as Si has tweaked the X-Brake for PTO / Overdrive units.

I did have to make a very very small mod to the cable braket, pic shown but frankly this is 100% down to me and the unit I have. What is does mean is that if you have a LT230 with say a Superwinch H14W Hydraulic PTO then you might like to change the output coupling from the PTO PUMP to a 45 degree fitting, so the X- Brake will fit without any mods, or small mod to bracket - as per pic.

From what I have done today and my familiarity with PTO stuff on Lt230s I can also add that a LT230 'drop PTO mech' winch type PTO has the same lever for on off etc as my Hyd one - and this will clear the X-Brake. :)

Took me about 2.5 hours to fit start to finish, (inc the time taken to think how / then modify the bracket was prob longer than I think), also getting the adjustment 'just right' takes a bit of time, .....but worth doing carefully

All in all I think this as others have said is a superb piece of kit, .....very well made....very well thought out and hacing tested it on a horrendous slope - SU F PERB

If you like me were wondering about fitting one the answer is YES :)




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