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Wont start - TD4 auto


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Turn the key and it clunks - does not start :angry: . I suggest its the starter motor.

Battery seems fine - tried to jump start it - no difference.

Any ideas?

Also, recently (when it started fine) it seems to vibrate a little at idle - you can feel it through the brake pedal. Also, if you rev it whilst in Neutral and let it go back to idle it hunts a bit (almost dies). Any ideas?


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Solenoid on the starter motor I should think. Try biffing it with a hammer (if you can even see it on a Td4? possibly not) otherwise being a newish LR I doubt you can get any bits apart from a complete starter motor. Console yourself with the fact the Td4 starters are not nearly as unreliable as Td5 and TDv6 ones...

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