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4x4 trip to Val d'isere

eddie c

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We've decided our trip is going to be to the Val d'isere region of the French Alps. I've already received help from some of the forum members, but now we've decided on a location, I need more specific help.

There will be a group of 8 of us. We are considering hiring a chalet/house for the week. Does anyone have or know of anyone who has one to rent out? Anywhere around that region would be considered.

Maps, which ones to get?

Tracks, any personal experiences?

Attractions, any attractions worth visiting for the odd hour when we're not offroading?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Got a load of fellow club members going out from Kent LRC on 28th july to be back on 12th August, I think they are mostly camping on or off their land rovers - but if you PM me I'll pass you the details onto the organiser - who might know of some homely retreats.

From his sales pitch: Our route into Italy from France will take us over one of the oldest trade routes between the two countries. We will spend a couple of nights here where we can again go exploring some of the winding tracks in the area. One of our trips will take us through some beautiful Italian villages up to the dizzy heights of a 10,000ft glacier, whilst another will take us to one of the many old forts in the area built by Mussolini. The scenery in this part of the Alps can only be described as stunning.

In addition to the above we will like to visit "Ceresole Reale" in the Gran Park Paradiso, this is where they filmed the end of the Italian Job with the coach cliff hanger.

I would love to go, but have a real problem with heights - and a sick desire / fear to fall off cliffs and stuff.






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