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Britpart seats - what are they like

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My Defender really needs a new driver's seat - the frame broke and was re-welded a number of years ago, and it's just tired.

What are the Britpart-manufactured replacements like? As here https://www.britpart.com/parts/seats-and-trim/seats/defender-and-series-seats/had501870loy

I assume the headrest is transferred from the old seat which is fine but I wondered what the quality of the actual seats are like, has anybody tried them or seen them?

Exmoor Trim is another option but with the relatively high shipping costs (they appear to insist on shipping it on a pallet) it's effectively twice the price.

I don't want any aftermarket or fancy option, just another standard Defender RH front seat in techno cloth to match the others.


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I've used a lot of thier retrim kits in the past and found them to be ok with good quality cloth. Have used a few of thier complete seat base units which were fine too - haven't used a whole seat frame though. 

The one thing I have noticed is the foam, while well moulded doesn't last as long as the Exmoor foam which seems to stay firm for much longer - not so noticeable on the backrest but the seat foam goes flat before long. 

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Thanks, yes I actually have a couple of Exmoor seat bases on the way at the moment, having bought Britpart ones through a local supplier and found that - there is nothing wrong with them they are just pretty squishy and less comfortable than they were. The Britpart bases also break much more easily if you have the MUD seat riser rails on. With a standard seat if there is a heavy impact like dropping into a ditch, and you're a fat bugger like me, the seat squab base bends slightly and then by design the excess weight is taken up by the plate on the battery box. With seat rails there is a 2" gap under the seat and it bends up and down and there's eventually a bang and it all collapses when the rather weedy welds at the front break - I broke a couple before I realised what was happening, and I now have a block of wood under there to fill the gap!

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