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Range rover vogue td6 no crank

defender dinky

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Hi all, had this problem for few weeks, intermittent no start no crank, had all light working on dash everything working normal, but no crank when turning the key, so I decide to look deeper and stripped console down to investigate, thinking it has to be ignition barrel, hour later ignition barrel out on the bench. This is how I got there, hope it works out,




Pull panel off both sides, be careful there's a screw tucked up the top at the back,




Here it is,


Undo this screw both sides, then squeeze gear lever gaitor and pull it up, then lift plastic surround out, careful there's four connector blocks underneath unplug then, you can't mix them up they have there own home,under this you will see eight screw with torx heads they are in pairs remove them,



There's also two tucked away under the trim took me 10minutes to find them,once you done these you should be able to lift the main console, a bit fiddly I know,20221210_102048.thumb.jpg.62d58b2421e1e6597a3726a3d0f4c1b0.jpg

Hidden screws under here pull it up carefully can just get to them, then lift console up, be of a struggle getting it over the gear lever,you will see the screws holding the ignition barrel in Undo these and remove barrel, cable to solenoid with white housing push and twist like a light bulb, plug on harness has a clip which slides out similar to a cotta pin on a bike pedal, disconnect electrical plugs, again all have there own home so can't mix them up, once you have ignition barrel on the bench trick stuff starts but it's easy take your time and take photos if necessary,20221210_100644.thumb.jpg.e87e94e0ab451240bff097f0a3200da6.jpg

Sorry here lost some photos,20221210_095629.thumb.jpg.a3d7b0b59f981f474a7efdf0adfb749d.jpg

On the ignition barrel there's two grub screws,take them out and pull the base out,don't lose the screws put them back in for thetime being, with a very small flat end screwdriver you can separate the casing, the one you've pulled off,once separated you should see this20221210_092644.thumb.jpg.9d2046ebc51a00b17975367eb1d70eee.jpg


The White peice acts like a camshaft, you turn key it turns the shaft which has fins on, when it rotates fins come in contact with the copper contacts seperating when touched closed when released, now the problem was, one of the contact was corroded,20221210_092516.thumb.jpg.ab2b5e6771503a65b5b121deca369832.jpg


In my case, it was the first one, all others were OK, but I cleaned them all gentle and then sprayed with contact cleaner, allowed to dry, all done, now putting it back to gether, there's a spring on the mouth where the pin from the ignition fits, just be care not to dislodge it, I had no problems at all, put everything back in reverse order, since the fix range rover started first time everytime good luck,





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