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Unequal Steering Stops


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While draining/changing the swivels today, I took a measurement of both steering stop bolts.  The near-side was 12.5mm (threaded gap between the hub and the bolt head), but the off-side is 17.5mm.  Is this normal?  Other than the obvious "they've been adjusted before", what might be a reason for then to be different?

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Common, yes.  Normal, well…. I had the same on my wife’s 90.  These vehicles were constructed with, in Jeremy Clarkson’s own words, a quality control standard of “that’ll do”.  If you adjust the stops to give the tyre crown about an inch of clearance from the radius arm, that will give you a decent turning radius while protecting the tyre and suspension from contact even with flex in the wheel or tyre.  With the tyre clearance set this way, you might find a small difference in stop bolt protruding from one side to the other as it will be catering for any variation in axle bracket positions, radius arm casting asymmetry, radius arm bush protrusion variations and tolerances in wheel manufacture, tyre wear and so on.  I would expect the bolts to be within 1/4” of each other, and any more may warrant investigation, but isn’t necessarily cause for concern.

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