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R380 oil cooler pipes, 300Tdi RRC/Discovery


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Hi folks.

Can anyone please help with part numbers for the pipes/hoses to connect the oil stat housing on the side of an R380 with the oil cooler on a 300Tdi RRC.  Searches online suggest that the oil cooler is not the big-brush type but a finned type like the coolers on P38 and DII, but I am not certain about that.

If anyone has a good set laying about, then that would be an option rather than brand new.



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It is a gear box cooler I want.  I have the oil stat assembly, but not the piping it cooler.  I have seen both the cylindrical and finned coolers listed for that generation of vehicle (I had been concerned that MTF94 may be a bit viscous for a finned type).  I can only find parts for ZFs, not R380, though.

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Thanks, Ralph.  I’m not familiar with the pipe arrangement for the ZF, so don’t know if the unions are the same threads and locations as for the R380.  Is that what you understand the diagrams to say?

I understand that the Defender uses a plain metal tube for the cooler, but was under the impression that the RRC and Discovery used a proper cooler.  I think I will fit the later ZF finned type - my VIN is a MA rather than KA, so the bog brush is probably incorrect for the year.  I think the finned type are a bit cheaper, too.  I suppose the pipes can always be adapted with some unions and hose to fit the oil stat housing, if need be.

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Thanks, Ralph.  Managed to work out the parts and even find from some links that came up the correct hoses for the LT77 or R380 (ESR2808 and ESR2809, the other parts are the same as for the ZF).  Order made.

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For those interested in doing the same, the bulk of the parts are the same as for the automatics, but the 300Tdi models used a finned cooler, like a slim normal rad, and the manuals have different pipes from the oil stat housing to cooler, ESR2808 and 2809.  2808 is no longer available, but 2809 seems to be easy to find.  Also NLA are the brackets to attach the cooler to the body shell or chassis.

The diagram below shows the automatic and manual transmission versions, the manual pipes being the longer ones at the bottom of the diagram - parts 4 and  6 are the front ends of those pipes to the flexible hose sections, and the bottom parts are the rear ends, but they come as swage jointed complete pipe assemblies.


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