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TD5 temp sender connector

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The Thursday night challenge.

The Ibex temp gauge is showing the cooler end of cool when he's been running long enough to be up to temperature.  As I'm running TD5 instruments, well why wouldn't you🤔? I assume that part of the issue might be compatibility between the 200Tdi and TD5 sender units.  I have a shiny new TD5 temp sender to try but no plug to connect it.  Any idea anyone?


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The TD5 temp. sender uses a 2-way Junior Power Timer connector.

The type used by Land Rover isn't readily available - however, this type will fit -



The TD5 temp. sender will not work without the TD5 ECM

This is how it works -

"The Engine Control Module (ECM) (C0658) provides a 5 V feed to the Engine Coolant
Temperature (ECT) sensor (C0169) on a KG wire. As coolant temperature increases, the
resistance of the sensor decreases. By measuring the resistance of the sensor on a KB wire,
the ECM can determine ECT. The ECM (C0658) then provides a Pulse Width Modulated
(PWM) ECT signal to the gauge on a GU then LGU wire*. The gauge (C1052) is earthed on
a B wire"

* - This is via the TD5's VDO speedo.


To use the TD5 temp. gauge with a 200Tdi engine, see Retroanaconda's technical blog -



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Thanks Paul, that looks like the bad boy.  I am running the full TD5 instrument cluster so with this correctly installed I might get a better reading.  Will have another look at the circuit diagram see if I can work out where to get the 5v feed from.  Never considered this bit when I cobbled the two looms together.

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