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intermittent drone from the transfer box

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hi i have a defender 90 200tdi with a worn transfer box . a friend had a low milage transfer box from an automatic .when i fitted it it had an intermittent drone noise in 5th gear it would drone about every second .2 years later i fitted a new chassis and i also fitted a rebuilt r380 gearbox and axles with good diffs .i still have the drone noise  (i can feel it through the body of the car )has anybody got any ideas about what it could be or is it a recon transfer box ?

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I would initially expect it to be a worn bearing.  Ashcroft sell kits to refurbish the LT230, saving you the labour and transport costs.  The only trouble with that is if it transpires that there is another issue, like the intermediate cluster shaft wearing an ovalised hole in the casing, you would still have to send it to them for repair.  But I think that is the only common issue that needs specialist equipment to fix, so if you don’t have that leak, your casing is likely OK.

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