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Bonnet striker and catch for 1989 110

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I went to fit the bonnet striker and catch to my 1989 110. The bonnet would not close and after much head scratching I found that bonnet striker diameter is too big for the catch. Plus the saftey catch is too long hence the Mildly miffed angle on the bonnet.

What part numbers should I be using? Is it MRC9995 for the striker? Not sure what the saftey catch part number is.




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That was the original latch which matches the new one fitted. A friend turned down the nob on the striker by an 1/8 inch this morning and it now fits and works.

I checked the part number of the saftey catch on its box and it matches what Western gave. As I have an up rated intercooler in front of the radiator, that is why I think it was catching. So I cut the catch in half and slide the hook inside to decrease it length. A hole drilled and a bolt and nut to hold it all together. It now does not hit the intercooler. Just in case I have stuck a strip of plastic on top of the intercooler as a wear strip.





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