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T-MAX EW12500 Winch, Anyone have one?

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So mine went clunk and was permanently in freespool. I thought the motor linkange had snapped (it did that before and i had it welded), but no.

I took the gearbox apart and everything is fine in there, except some very old packed grease. So I disassebled the GB and washed the old grease out.

Bit of a mystery that nothing is broken, but i thought i'd regrease it and reassemble. Which is the point where i wish i'd taken photos. The exploded diagram i have, and several more ive found since dont exactly match my version.

I can work out pretty much how it goes, but i have 2 fibre thrust washers which i'm not sure of the correct positions - anyone know?

And any ideas why it wouldnt go into drive or brake when nothing is broken inside?

(attached the closest diagram i can find)

2024-01-02 21_53_39-T-Max Winches Installation Instructions - Brave.png

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Have you shared the pin off the freespool lever. The pin locates in the gearbox outer sleeve, when it's missing or broken the whole gearbox spins in the housing (this is the freespool. One of my winches (I bought it second hand) had that sleeve in the wrong way round so the pin wouldn't locate thus no drive, took me a while to find it.


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No, pin is fine and the sleeve is moving correctly.

On reassembling its just the item 5 fibre thrust washer i'm confused on, only 1 is shown in the diagram, but i have 2.

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Well thats my brake spring, dont think it should be that shape. I dont even know what shape it should be to try and make one...

Problem is i've found it devilshly difficult to get T-max parts. I think Bearmach used to be, thats how i got a motor last time.

I've found that BHW do some t-max winches in the UK, bu they dont have spares for this one, and inform me that there have been 2 brake revisions since this, requiring a modded drum 🙄

I'm tapping up and aussie contact, as thats where t-max are from.

I still dont understand how that could cause freespool though.


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