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  1. I don't know what you mean. I had a sensible car........once, and absolutely hated it for all the reasons it was sensible and good. But I do like the iveco apart from the most recent jelly mould version. Mike
  2. I did look at the 4x4 iveco's, to be honest any of the earlier ones would do nicely. My wife had a 35-10 (2wd) for a while and it was quite nice to drive. Mike
  3. I do mean our @Nonimouse, though I do still need to confirm with him. I'm the opposite side of Southampton in totton but I can get to Fareham after work (5.30 ish) relitively easily next week if need be. Mike
  4. Bish im going from Southampton to castle combe on the 13th the down to Lovejoy the next day. I'm camping and will have a small person but should have room, if that helps. Mike
  5. Yes it is a pressure petrol stove, yes it does flare up a bit of lighting and no I don't use it in the truck but on the shelf on the back door. I have a little gas stove for quick cuppa's but tend to use the colman on overnight trips. Mike
  6. I used my colman dual fuel stove in anger at the weekend, I have to say I'm very pleased with it. Mike
  7. I like 285/75x16 but the 110 is running 255/85x16 and the ibex has 33/12.50x15's what ever way you look at it I like the gearing lift that 33's give and they look good. Mike
  8. Our 110 had that section cut out for a discovery gearbox, it made the whole seat box weak. When I put the correct gearbox in I found the bit that was cut out and bolted a bit of stainless angle over it. If I was to cut it off I would bolt or rivet some angle over there to strengthen the bridge. That way it would be strong and nearly flush. Mike
  9. Where as a waeco runs at the temperature it's set (-18°c max from memory) and there's a section that is about 5°c warmer. Same thing but different ways of listing and therefore measuring it I think. Mike
  10. This is precisely why I fitted a 200tdi instead of td5 in the ibex. I get around 27 mpg average but normally nearer to 30mpg, everything I read said a td5 was 23mpg on a good day. Mike
  11. Must resist, must resist. Wait hang on it's not a real mini....all good. Mike
  12. Unlikely anytime soon, unless I really do start to run out of mone........ Mike
  13. My commute has just doubled for similar reasons. I too thought about economy box but can't bring myself to do it. At the moment I'm just stomaching the £200+ a month fuel bill, but I have a workmate who lives near so we have been car sharing but given his mrs is about to drop we thought it wise to go in seperately for a while. I have a contingency plan of a mini based silly little plastic car... the only catch is I have to build it first. So I say either live with it or car share/buy a euro box but I doubt you'll make much impact on your current fuel economy. Mike
  14. Oh........ https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164965688202 Mike
  15. I've got the waeco/domestic CF 35 and a CF 25 both good fridges will do minus 18° However they don't like low batterys. I have a charging fault on my second battery (not fully chargin) this caused the fridge to only work part time after a day last time I used it, normally it'll do a couple of days. Mike
  16. It's not that I don't trust your welds quite the contrary, yours are far better than mine. I guess I've seen welds that look perfect fail, so for me I need proof they're good (coded welder, rated/tested) that's all. Mike
  17. They look beautiful and I'm sure they are more than strong enough, just welded recovery points make me uncomfortable. Please don't get me wrong I would use yours. When I made a recovery point for the ibex I used 10mm angle with webs and additional thickness welded on so the bolts went through the same bit of metal the load did. Mike
  18. Try bleeding using the pedal rather than vacuum. The vacuum might be pulling air past the piston seal where as pressure behind the seal will push it harder against the bore. Mike
  19. I would happily go hydraulic but I suspect it will be cost prohibitive. There looks to be winches small enough to fit, PTO drive pump makes the most sense (mine is a drop box so would need alterations). I have some room for a tank under the seat where the winch is but I suspect it would need to be a bespoke tank. Mike
  20. I did find some online, the body might just fit but the motor and possibly the gearbox cover will require some tray/chassis mods. Mike
  21. Thanks for the offer Ross but I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion I should just buy a TDS and call it done. Everything else requires lots of mods to a galv chassis or additional expensive hydraulic parts. Anyone want to buy a PTO winch........ Mike
  22. I've got a lot less room than I thought the tray is only 190Dx190Hx680W. I can cut the tray if need be but short of moving the seat I won't get much more height (maybe 210). I have considered converting a husky to PTO but again without buying one I can't work out if it'll fit let alone convert. If it did fit I'd probably leave it electric anyway. Mike
  23. I thought hydro was the same as electric just a different form of motor. Internal brake can work it's just when you have 4.5ton of customers boat on a slope it's a little uncomfortable especially when it starts to slip... Mike
  24. Looks like the drawing board has been re-erected...doh. the H14 will not fit. Even a husky looks like it would require a fair bit of work. Not sure where to go now, the ep9 has been good so could get similar but I like the idea of no brake. Mike
  25. Yeah I figured it was, I was just thinking they do the customs thing day in day out. Plus they might have an empty lorry coming back if your not time constrained. Mike
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