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  1. North uist just down the road from the mother-in-law. Mike
  2. Looks great, you just need to bring it to seven sisters to try it out .
  3. We'll made it up to 70mph at the weekend and towed a trailer as well. Seems to be solved . Mike
  4. Wouldn't it be easier to get someone to alter the fibreglass a bit to make it fit better I would offer but I don't think your local to me. Mike
  5. At the time the research I did said under a certain wattage panel (I can't remember the wattage) you didn't need a charge controller. From memory the output was trickle charge at best. If we left the CB plugged in it would flatten the battery due to the CB's memory. It may of had a diode on the panel but it certainly worked. The trailer sat in a field only used for one or two days a month. Mike
  6. Our club trailer used to have a battery in for running a CB. We had a small solar panel (around 300mm2) on the roof at the time it was about £40 and it was the biggest you could use direct to the battery (No charger in line). The batterys were two red top racing batterys so about 60amph. That set up kept the batterys charged even with a days use of the CB once a month for 7 years. Mike
  7. The system Ross describes is known as a clorifier in the marine industry. It shouldn't affect the running temp because the thermostat will just stay closed for longer but it will increase warm up time. However you could put a hydronic eberspacher in line or standalone and use it for heating to. Mike
  8. Couldn't drive quick enough this morning so I still don't know. Though when I briefly made it to 45mph it did feel ok. Mike
  9. Well the transfer box replacement hasn't been entirely smooth, Smooth being the operative word. After I changed the box I noticed a vibration between 40 and 50 mph. At first I thought uj but on further investigation I spotted an oscillation on the hand brake drum. Tonight I stripped it out and put a clock on the rear out put flange, sure enough something isn't right. Turns out the output shaft is bent, Lord knows how . Yes you can get the shaft out with the box in the car and no I probably shouldn't of done what I have. I didn't have time to strip the other box and I don't really want to in case this one fails. So out with some vee blocks and the clock, yep it's definitely bent. Of coarse I didn't mark the high spot and put it in my press I wouldn't do that would I . Anyway it's back together now and I'll test drive it on my way to work in the morning. Mike
  10. I bought one of these a few years ago but when it turned up there was a bow 1 motor in the box. Mike
  11. That what's on the inside of mine. It bolts to the side of gearbox tunnel tucked up under the dash. Mike
  12. You speak better English than most that live here. Mike
  13. To be honest if your truck was an early one or a special edition then yes keep all the bits. But as yours appears to be nothing special (no offence) then modding it to suit your needs make sense. Yours is of an age where the value is the value the only real difference is saleablity. If your tasteful this won't be a problem either. Mike
  14. Nice pics. Re- the windscreen most older cars only had toughened screens. Laminated became widespread in the 70s so it's probably original. Mike
  15. I bought an aluminium one off eBay(200tdi), the radiator itself is fine and work well. However after fitting it I started having low oil pressure issues, it turned out where the spigot's for the oil cooler were welded on they had only drilled 5mm holes into the tank. I've since opened them up to 9.5mm and all issues have gone away. So worth checking before you fit it. Mike
  16. Here's a photo of the n/a set up. I don't think it would be that hard to make something. Must get round to it at some point. Mike
  17. Finally managed to get a new windscreen cut this week. So out with the toughened screen in with a laminated replacement today. That should be safer and it better not leak with the amount of goo round it. Mike
  18. The n/a version is a choke cable with a bracket and lever on the pump. I have one on ours but haven't modified it to fit the 200tdi. Mike
  19. Cars: 3 mini saloons. 2 mini vans. I mini cabriolet. 4 mini Marcos. 6 mini Jem's. 1 mini Jem estate. 1 abs freestyle. 1 series 3 88". 3 200tdi discovery. 4 110s (still have one). 1 range rover classic. 1 90. 1 tomcat. 1 ibex (still have). 1 Skoda Octavia estate. Bikes: KE125. MZ skorpion sport. Honda firestorm. Africa twin (I wrote this off). Aprillia caponord. I think that's it but don't ask for them in order. Quite a few were donors and several more never made it to the road before being sold on. Mike
  20. If I remember correctly bfg specifies an 8 inch rim for that size of tyre. I think it's to do with the way the tyre moves on the rim in side loads (cornering). Mike
  21. Don't worry Ross the bend will just make it look like you have far to many tools and it weighs a tonne......running fast Mike
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