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  1. My tomcat had a cambelt habit and my 110 had a wheel bearing habit. It would appear the ibex has a starter motor habit, it's already on its second starter. The first was stripped cleaned and re lub'ed before it died a few months later. Now the second (granted second hand) has needed stripping and re lub'ing, let's see how long this one lasts. Of coarse it has nothing to do with a few puddles both on and off road recently. Probably should order a spare ready really. Mike
  2. Looks great from Southampton..... Seriously though it's the roof no one will see it. Mike
  3. Don't touch it. There is no way to prove it isn't stolen and even if it isn't you will end up in a whole world of hurt with the authority's. Whilst it may or may not need an IVA I will certainly require re registering and probably end up on a Q plate. Using a second hand chassis is perfectly legal but it does need re registering. However cutting a chassis number out and welding it into another chassis is almost certainly illegal. Mike
  4. As fridge says I had a Halfords tyre pump connected to an old airlift gauge and release valve then straight to the locker. We just pumped it up to around 20psi from memory (enough to lock the diff) then released the pressure when not required. @Ed Poore no panic I've got no shortage of other things to do at the moment. Mike
  5. I don't know what figure they used for emissions on mine but I didn't supply it from memory. I may of used a generic figure in the paperwork but I think I just put the engine year down. Just checked a photo of my IVA certificate it lists engine power but all of the emissions boxes are marked N/A. Mike
  6. I have 33/12.50x15 (305 ish) on an 8" rim. They fitted 265's on a 7" rim from the factory if I remember correctly. But you can definitely put 265's on boost rims. Mike
  7. The window lock is different on civilian spec. Mike
  8. Personally I'd either fix it probably the cheapest option. Or Put a 200tdi in fits straight in but requires finding a good one (there getting old now) and you need radiator, intercooler and a few other bits and pieces (exhaust down pipe if a discovery 200tdi). A 300tdi or td5 can be fitted but require a lot more work. Mike
  9. There is a pair of military doors on faceache for £450. As far as I can see the catch and window lock are different. It doesn't have the remote release latch and I assume not the plate that mounts on. Plus the door card is very different. The door top and windows look the same. The lower half and door stay (different to one piece doors) look the same but I guess it doesn't have the mountings for the remote release panel. Mike
  10. These are our early 110 doors un-modified. I hope that clears up anything re- windows and catch/latching. It is possible to reverse the windows but is likely to damage the seal on the rear window. Both windows sit in a runner that sits on a track, top and sides are felt tracks. The window lock picks up in the underside of the runner. Mike
  11. From memory Woolies do a double felt Chanel which would probably fit the upper half of the one piece doors (with the current channel and plastic spacer removed). Then you just need lower channels and a way of locking them shut. Mike
  12. I have no where to put it, I can't afford it and it makes no sense to own it.........but I want it soooo much. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/383417083610 Mike
  13. Because you can is always the best reason to do anything.
  14. It's definitely do able but why? I like sliding window, they're great in the rain and in winter when you just want a crack. However in the summer when you want more air or if you need to stick your head out..... Ours move out by 10mm at the top anything above 60 due to wind pressure, at that point they leak and are drafty. No you can't stop it series/early 110 were never intended to go that fast. Mike
  15. And they rattle, leak and are drafty but I love ours. The remote that is referred to is not a button. Series doors have the internal latch on the lock/catch itself but early 110 two piece doors have a marina internal latch mounted roughly where the window winder is on later doors. Mike
  16. They probably weren't real originally, but yes you can transfer a reg number as long as it doesn't make the car it's going on to look newer and it's not non transferable for some reason (normally because it's been re-registered for some reason). Mike
  17. Wot fridge said really. Answer those questions, then we can narrow it down. Mike
  18. Lr don't seem to lie to much about mpg so there's a good chance it will see 30mpg. That said your doing well to get 30mpg out of a td5. Mike
  19. The britpart ones are a bit steep for my budget. Especially as in need two pairs and possibly a rear set for the 110. Mike
  20. Tough covers are ok, I've got a worn out pair in the ibex that may of come from your mum. But they are not as good as the un-named ones I had in 45. Ironically I'm looking for some new ones too. The ones I had in 45 were two different materials the seat part was quite corse but hard wearing, the rear and sides were the aforementioned tent bag nylon but that worked well. Mike
  21. Give or take the doors are near enough the same as a 110. They tend to look a little odd due to being square on the bottom. Mike
  22. Most people cut the inner portion off and leave it in place on the front. As for fitting if you have a standard rear (should fit the front as well) put that in place with one or two clips. Tape up the wing, then rest the new one over the top and mark off holes to drill if it looks a little high just drop your marks down by about 15mm ish. Mike
  23. Welcome and you will find quite a few on here that have gone from mini's to land rovers, and some myself included that never really left mini's. Though mine are kits based on the aforementioned cars. Mike
  24. I fitted a Freelander rear seat in my ibex it is mounted on a box, has seatbelt anchorage built in and passed IVA (not that he really looked at it though). Mike
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