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  1. miketomcat

    300tdi throttle cable loosening

    There about £12 on eBay. Mike
  2. miketomcat

    Identify this gearbox tunnel

    The black one is r380 (I have a mould for them). The green looks lt85. Neither of them are lt77 that much is certain. Fridge had one (green one) in his ambulance (v8) and couldn't work out why the carpet set and gearsticks (had an r380 fitted at some point) didn't sit right. I made him a r380 tunnel and all was fixed. Mike
  3. miketomcat

    300tdi throttle cable loosening

    I've never had one move on a 200tdi so I suspect you have a duff cable. Given they're not expensive I'd put a new one on. Mike
  4. Just some pics to get you started I've still got to clear a space in the garage to build it. Mike
  5. miketomcat

    ibex 300 build

    Foers have been building ibex for 30 years so land rover was a no brainer. But where they go form here I don't know, having said that with the aftermarket availability for land rovers they've got time. Mike
  6. miketomcat

    ibex 300 build

    My wiring, binical and switch gear are all d1. My dash is my own fibreglass unit (I made my own mould for it). David foers is happy to do custom in as much as I don't think any two ibex are the same. There is a Ford based ibex so anything is possible. Mike
  7. miketomcat

    Sailsbury Plain

    Make absolutely sure your on the green lane as there are a lot of tracks on the plain. It has been know for vehicles to be confiscated and crushed if found off the byways. Although the byways are generally well marked and the are a few permitted routes close to or instead of the actual byway. Mike
  8. miketomcat

    110 suspension lean

    Jack the wheel up to wobble it. I had a swivel bearing go a few years ago and you couldn't tell till I jacked it up. Mike
  9. miketomcat

    110 suspension lean

    Have you put the front springs on the correct side. They are different so may be worth swapping them over. Mike
  10. miketomcat

    ibex 300 build

    Having seen where you guys get a relatively standard p38......... The f7 ibex chassis could be adapted easily. The f8 is more traditional land rover esk chassis with a space frame on top. Mike
  11. miketomcat

    Broken indicator clamp

    Yes they are normally top and bottom though mine only has one at the top. Can you unscrew the boss from the wheel to line it up. Failing that just re drill. 're the stalks I wrapped a thin strip of metal round the clamp fix with some small screws one end and the original screw at the other retaining the broken bit. Mike
  12. miketomcat

    So what did you get

    I got some ibex t-shirts and this book from the wife. This may become a bucket list. Mike
  13. miketomcat

    Introducing "Lil' Green"

    I have to say it amuses me when the foreigners on here apologise for their English. We as a nation are ignorant when it comes to languages but I guess that comes from being one of the more commonly used. I say you guys rock for bothering to use a forum in a non native tongue and I have to remind myself that I'm the one that is deficient in this area. Long may you continue to grace us with your presence and input. Thank you Mike
  14. miketomcat

    ibex 300 build

    I thought it was d3 but either way it wasn't done by foers. Mike
  15. miketomcat

    ibex 300 build

    Not yet but i am half expecting to get a comment. However they are generally more concerned with the rear one over here. I did discovery I have a problem with the split charge dropping in and out while winching. Due to using a vsr to switch a solenoid I'm going to fit a switch to bypass the vsr while winching. Mike
  16. miketomcat

    ibex 300 build

    Do it, David will do different donors with in reason. Mike
  17. I don't drink plus we all needed to drive at some point or another during the day. But we did enjoy the festivities later that evening. Mike
  18. It's a bit bigger than my normal choice of plastic car but I wouldn't turn one down. Mike
  19. miketomcat

    The EBay Christ I fancy that 4x4 + its cheap thread

    I've no idea why but I really fancy this. https://ebay.us/cKVl6W The worst bit is I've never been that keen on rangies. Mike
  20. Wasn't that a transfer box as well.... I'm seeing a pattern here. Mike
  21. I better renew my/the kids passports then. Mind I might wait a couple of weeks to save some confusion. Mike
  22. The way things are going a complete spare p38 stored in the south of England might be a good idea. Mike
  23. You niggle secret is safe with me. I have to admit it wasn't quite how I planned to spent new years eve (Though it was better than tiling my barhroom). One of the things I love about the land rover fraternity is the can do attitude and willing help from strangers and friends. I have been on the receiving end in the past and was glad to be able to give some back to the cause. Long may your daft trips to the UK continue and just be careful I have been known to venture across the channel. Mike
  24. miketomcat

    Introducing "Lil' Green"

    Tea and biscuits sorted ready. Lead on sir. I'm not allowed any more projects at the moment so I'll have to make do with reading others. Though I do have some quick jobs to squeeze in when she's not looking . Mike

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