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  1. miketomcat

    Trackers good bad and ugly

    Due to a spate of thefts locally my mind has been attuned to the idea. I'm not under the misguided idea that you can stop it being knocked even chaining it down and taking the wheels off won't stop them. So trackers: sensible price, easy to fit/hide, preferably without or with a cheap subscription. Ideas and suggestions welcome, pm me if you don't want to put info up on here. Mike
  2. miketomcat

    The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

    The worrying part is that's not a lot for a marinise kit and will probably find a buyer. Mike
  3. miketomcat

    Trackers good bad and ugly

    Thanks ed I'll do a bit more research on skytag. They seem to be a bit only if stolen where as some of the others have live tracking for similar monthly. Mike
  4. miketomcat

    Trackers good bad and ugly

    I'm not to worried about insurance it's more about getting them back. Mike
  5. miketomcat

    Trackers good bad and ugly

    One ibex has been stolen I think it was recovered though. However we have a 110 as well so if I'm doing one I'll do both. What's the difference between the TK103A and the TK103B? Mike
  6. miketomcat

    Trackers good bad and ugly

    Thank you all those that have replied so interesting info for me to look at. Mike
  7. miketomcat

    Best engine

    Dumb question but surely megasquirt could be adapted to run a diesel. Mike
  8. miketomcat

    computer says NO

    If you really want some fun to... "What's the reg mate?" Answer with: Q#*# #*# Mike
  9. miketomcat

    computer says NO

    Because parts shops are staffed by spotty 16 year olds who barely know what a car is. Mike
  10. miketomcat


    This may help. Mike
  11. miketomcat

    computer says NO

    I use registrations from 3 different cars for the ibex. A discovery reg for the engine, A 110 reg for rear axle and a 90 reg for some other bits. Your best bet is to find a mate with a disco of the right year/type and use their reg. Mike
  12. Thats fine with me. I'll have a measure up to see if it will go in the back of the ibex if not I'll bring the 110 and put it on the roof. Mike
  13. The mushroom style drive flange front axle (early range rover) is imperial so very little is interchangeable but the whole axle can be fitted with some mods. Nearly all earlier 110's are bitsa's by now this is no problem unless you need an original truck, as long as you know where the parts come from. I have to given 3 different registration's when ordering parts. The op wanted to build a spare axle up ready to just swap. I assume to have the minimum lay up time. Mike
  14. Like I said yes they can be fitted but they may not be a straight swap. I have a discovery front axle on the front and it just needed 110 calipers. So can you build a range rover axle to fit a 110 front? yes Is it a straight swap? No Mike
  15. The short answer is no. However there are about 4 variations on the front axle and they will all fit. But there are two different widths of radius arm so you may need them too. The front calipers are a different size on a range rover (smaller) there is also and imperial axle but I think the calipers will swap as long as you use the correct bolts. I'm sure there's more but can't think off hand. Mike
  16. I can meet him in Portsmouth, Winchester etc. Mike
  17. miketomcat

    P38a (re)build

    And others........filip has a car habit that makes me look good. Mike
  18. I can hold it in Southampton if it can get down here. I shall be going to Newbury sort out and hopefully adventure overland show. If that helps. Mike
  19. miketomcat

    200Tdi Overheating when raining

    The discovery temp sender reads hotter than the defender from memory. This would explain why it's reading 3/4 normally which is high for a 200tdi. As fridge says it is unusual for a 200tdi to overheat. The causes are normally: head gasket, dead water pump/no belt (even a slipping belt is normally ok as the alternator will cause problems before the temperature), completely blocked radiator either external or internal or water leak/no water. Mike
  20. miketomcat

    200Tdi Overheating when raining

    I would suggest your gauge it being affected by other electrics. Get it up to temp then turn everything on and watch the gauge if it moves let it settle then turn everything off. If it goes back to where it was you issue is electrical not temperature. Repeat with one item at a time to pin point the cause. Mike
  21. Fibreglass is where I would probably go if it were mine but I'm in the trade. The down side to fibreglass in this application is you either need to make a temporary mould or you sheath a thin ply frame. Both are time consuming and require additional materials. A folded aluminium structure can be made strong and watertight relatively easily. It might be worth making a steel/aluminium frame then skinning it with sheet. That way you have something to attach hinges/gas springs to and allow you to stiffen the flat section to stop drumming. The skin could be glued on with PU adhesive to stop electrolysis and eliminate the need for fixings. Mike
  22. Another option is to make an aluminium angle frame bolted/riveted and sealed in the corners. Then you just drop in a flat sheet seal and fix. Mike
  23. Could you get the work done over here. In one of Shackletons SOUP episodes he makes his own folder might be worth a look. Mike
  24. A friend had your proposed problem on holiday in france/Italy. The pump failed on the way down this resulted in very heavy steering but drivable. What we didn't realise at the time was the pump shaft had sheared. So around 1000 miles later the pulley made a bid for freedom going into the radiator on the way out. We reckoned we could get the pulleys spinning with string or similar however it split the radiator. We towed it home the remaining 1000 miles. Mike
  25. If to sharp it fatigues and can crack warming/doing it in the summer helps. This was 1.6mm from memory granted in a folder but your doing the same thing with wood. The door was hammer formed around a 25mm box section frame. Mike

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