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LPG Gauge Followers


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The LPG gauge on Gemima has never worked since I've had her, and with their reputation for fabulous accuracy I've never bothered to do anything about it, but while I'm messing around with the boot floor and other bits in that area I figured I might as well bung a new sender in and see if it fixed it.

I was surprised to discover that the sender has four wires (I was only expecting two) - red, white, black and green. As far as I can tell green isn't connected to any of the others, but the other three are. I get:

red - black: 700ohms

red - white: 700ohms

black - white: 55ohms

If I move the magnetic follower with a screwdriver, none of these change.

I'm thinking that red and black are either end of the resistance track and white is the moving pickup (I thought this was only done on guages that needed to be very accurate?), and that something has failed so that it's no longer moving with the follower. I have no idea what green is supposed to do :unsure:

It's one of the little clear plastic pot type senders.

Can anyone shed any light?

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Have you tried measuring the resistances in both directions? There may be semiconductors in there.

Seems to be the same in both directions for all pairings - although I have just discovered that the green is conected to the others - I just didn't have the meter turned up enough. About 3000ohms from green to each of the rest.

It's still not making any sense... :huh:

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