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What Pressure?


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Well ive got my beadlock sorted and im reallt happy with them cost me vey little :) Here are a few pics.




People have asked for sizes so i have put them in a pdf and attached them.(I am planning on getting a few sets made up and sticking them on ebay but if u know a friendly lazer cutter it will prob be cheaper :ph34r: )


The question is though how low do people drop the pressures the photo above is at 10 psi but i would like to try lower but i dont want to push it to far until i have on board air. What do you think?

And thanks must be given to br00n1e for helping me check my measurements.


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I know that most (all?) double beadlockers use an internal ring and a split rim, but is there anything stopping you from just welding another ring like those above onto the inboard side of the rim? Assuming that it clears the caliper etc

Nice work by the way ;)

Lewis :)

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Lewis - no reason why not but weight, tyre mounting, PITA dismount, clearance might be factors to consider though, the Septics have been known to do it. I think if you were going down that route it would be less hassle to make your own split rim internal beadies? rotary manipulator and a plasma or a big swinging lathe and you would be in business :)

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Ill see i i can get this across in words :ph34r: I did have a thought about splitting a rim as i wanted a cheap solution, I was going to borrow a plasma not sure if it would work (never used one) and mount it so that u could spin the wheel on the car and use the plasma to cut the rim in 2 keeping it perfectly square and then get some rings laser cut up that could be welded inside this cut on either side and then be bolted together with a rubber insert. (with me so far) A piece similar to beadlock split rims could then be clamped inside the rim, giving you a cheap split rim.

I may even give it a go on an old rim next time im bored and have some time on my hand, Oh and if u guys think it might work :lol:

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yea its a nice idea not big lathe unfortonatly sure i could do it on my drive with some thought :rolleyes: like the o ring idea though its a nice one.

think i have an old rim kicking round. just need to find someone with a plasma cutter :ph34r:

Oh and to answer a few questions the measurements are for 15 inch rim and 3/4 inch water hose was used to reduce coning on the lock ring and also stop mud getting trapped within the gap, bolts are done up to 20 lb/ft.

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OK, I had annother idea about how to make split rims a few weeks ago although I've not yet looked at a rim to check clearences for nuts etc.

First, get hold of some aftermarket rims that have those push in plastic socket head machine screw look-a-like things.

Next have a ring cut that will sit against the centre and up against the outer rim with holes in that correspond to the holes for the plastic 'things' and bolt the ring down and tack weld the ring to the outside of the rim.

Next cut the outer rim in half inbetween the tacked ring and the centre and face off the side that still contains the centre. Fully weld the ring to the other half of the rim and face off the surface.

The two halves of the rim can then be bolted together and the holes opened up to take lager bolts or additional bolt holes drilled. I've not done the calcs yet to see how many I'd need.

After that you just need to have a cage to sit inside the rim and hold the beads in place.

If you get all the steel for the rings and cages precut then it shouldn't be a difficult DIY job. The only problem with this is I've yet to find off the shelf rims that have a decent offset that have these plastic 'things' which make locating the ring a doddle.

On the point of pressure it depends on the terrain, availability of air, the requirement to travel at speed etc. Anywhere between 15 psi and 0 psi.

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