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Nasty Noise


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I have a nasty noise eminating from my transmission. it is somewhere between a clanging and clicking that varies with road speed, is independent of the gear selected and overdrive position but does not happen in low range. I guess from this is it is something to do with the high gear in the transfer box:-( The vehicle is an original 1979 Rangie. Can I swap the transfer box without pulling the engine out, if so what should I be paying for a transfer box either recon or s/h and where can i get a recon off the shelf?

Failing this what is involved in repairing a transfer bos assuming I have a broken gear or shaft somewhere in there?


Caber :(

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wouldnt like to say what the noise is but you can swop a tbox with the engine in situ.

on my disco its remove props, disconnect handbrake, disconnect the hi/low & difflock linkages, disconnect difflock light wires, take PTO cover off & slide output gear out, jack gearbox, remove crossmember, take out the 6 bolts holding tbox to gbox (remembering short ones in from the front) then lift tbox out.

it must be similar for yours, mines a LT77 (now R380) LT230 combo. not that technical to do but it is damn heavy and unbalanced.

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If it is an LT77/LT230 in your truck it's not too bad, especially if you can get the use of a transmission jack. IIRC you don't even need to lower the gearbox to do it.

Borg-Warner transfer boxes are much more of a pig - heavier, and you have to take the gearbox mounts out and tilt it downwards to get enough room as it's bigger as well. Yours is too early to be Borg-Warner though.

The best tip I got was to cut the heads off some long bolt and make guide bars to locate it correctly as you slide it on and off - Piccies here, in the tech archive, courtesy of Mark90/Landrover598. Worked brilliantly on the LT230, not so great on the BW as the shape of the casing means you can only fit one (but it's still better than nothing).

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