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Not sure if anyone here is in the panel beating game but you might know the answer.

I've seen some panels repaired on a mates RRC, when he did the bobtail his mate "glued" the panels back together. He laid the ends together and used some grey filler. It's that strong it holds both panels together, the only other addition was small lengths of rivet ends (the bit that stays in the rivet gun once the rivet is fitted) placed across the join to add strength.

Does anyone know what this filler is called and where I could get some. When it goes hard it is strong enough to drill and tap if you needed to.

I've done a google search but nothing. Here's hoping you can help.

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Sounds like it. The filler that was used, once it had gone off it still had a sheen look to it. Will ask about at bodyshops when I get back to Minehead on Mon. That way I can get some as and when I need it over the next week or so.

Cheers for that Tony

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where are you working next week

so I can call in to laugh offer guidance

In a workshop far far away. Well Minehead to be precise. If you know where Daves lockup is I'll be there most hrs of the day. Renovation is NOT a spectator sport. :D

Have got 2 weeks booked off work for a bulkhead change, 2 new doors and 2 rear wings and a respray. So will be busy, once I've done that I need a bit of work on my cage to replace the front wingbars. Not internal as they are so common now ;) Have got the tube just need to cut it to length and weld on to the cage.

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Well tyhe work is going a LOT slower than I had planned but hey thats life.

I've found the name of the filler I need. It's an acrylic adhesive. Just got to find a supplier now. Many thanks for all the help and ideas.

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Just got to bleed the clutch. Sort out the wiring cockup I made then back to Wiltshire. Will do the tub panels there and sort out the NAS lights in slow time. Then bring it back down for my spraying lesson

Are you about tomorrow so I can collect that rear light on the way through?

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