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I think there are one or two on here that are either in the professional painting/bodyshop business, or know somebody that is, so I wondered if I could pick your brains please.

I need to find a new supplier of 2 pack spray paints as the folks that we have used for years and years just cited "a change in HSE regulations" as a reason to charge us over 300 quid to fill in a sodding form for hazardous carriage or something stupid, on an order only worth about £1000. It was clear that it was because they couldn't be bothered and were getting somebody else to do it but regardless of the reason, people only get the chance to do that to me once :angry:

Needs to be somewhere that can supply 2 pack paints, thinners, activator etc on a trade basis and charge sensible prices for both the paint and any paperwork etc associated with carriage to a UK port, all onward shipping will be dealt with. And I suppose they will have to comply with whatever stupid HSE regulations are currently in force regarding carriage of small quantities of paint.

The more I hear about the UK HSE and its stupid regulations the more convinced I am that the rest of the world should do anything in its power to prevent being infested by an organisation manned by frustrated wheel clamp wardens who are hell-bent on crippling an entire country with regulations :angry: how dangerous is 20 litres of paint as long as you don't drink it or attack it with an oxyacetylene torch, FFS!!!

Any suggestions please?

Thanks :)


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