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dyneema rope?


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No it is very different

dyneema is a trade name with many different ropes available.

climbing/sailing/fishing etx are all made under the dyneema brand name

Both dyneema and plasma are trade names for the individual UHMWPE filaments which make up the final rope/webbing etc.

The resulting physical properties of the filament depends on the amount of draw imposed on the individual filament.

The way that the filaments are put together in the final product will determine the final physical properties of the rope.

A quick look at the Liros web site shows they mainly do yachting equipment.

I can find a rope with a dyneema core with a double plait polyester sheath which would definitely not have the same properties of a synthetic winch rope. I can not find on a quick look a 12mm winch rope in the Liros web site

Since a 31 metre 11mm plasma rope with a hook fixed to it is £170 from PG Winch where as the starting bid is £99 plus £8 carriage for what may be a non suitable rope.

It might be worth asking a few questions about it but I personally would not rush out and bid on it



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