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Electrical Nightmare!!

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Hello everyone!

I'm having a bit of trouble with the electrical system on my 90. :(

Recently the Starter motor begun to play up so I have removed it along with the alternator and I've had them fully serviced. This evening I've bolted the starter motor back on and connected it up (as far as i remember from taking it off the connections are correct, does anyone have a diagram or could someone explain the connections so I can be 100% sure?)

I then insulated the terminals for the alternator because I won't get that back until tomorrow, turned my isolator switch on and the whole vehicles electrical system is total dead. The only electrical items working are those wired directly to the battery. I've checked the fuse box (assuming maybe I had short circuited something during removal/refitting) but every fuse is in tact.

Any ideas??

Are there any extra fuses other than the ones in the main fuse block by the gear levers?

Tomorrow when I get my alternator back I will use a multi meter and do some fault finding and check everything, but i can't see how not having an alternator fitted would cause the whole electrical system to die?

FYI I have a 1986 90, fitted with a 200TDi and everything electrical has been perfect up until now.

Any comments are more than welcome.

Thank you in advance.

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Thanks for the comments gents!

After some further investigation; Yes (Luke) the vehicles electrical system does take its feed from the starter motor terminal. I did have this connected but I hadn't connected my new starting cable yet so the starter had no power feed, and therefore nor did the vehicles electrical system.

I've fitted the new starting cable and alternator, now everything seems ok (thanks western)

Thanks again! :)

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