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Vehicle age and breakdown/recovery companies

Guest MJG

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Any body on here experienced any issues with regards to the age of their vehicle and recovery/breakdown cover.

I rang Green Flag today and asked them the same question and the guy I spoke to said as long as vehicle specific cover was purcahsed (rather than personal cover) then they had no issues with vehicle age. Have to be honest he didn't sound totally convincing and was obviously trawling through a lot of info. on his computer screen.

I always thought they did have an age restriction but seemingly not.

Is this common or are GF an exception.


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No problems here with Green Flag(via the caravan club) on personel cover, when i blew the landy main gearbox on a 1966 lwb 2a, fairly rapid response as i had my 3yr old daughter with me at the time, recovered to a mates to sort it out. No increase in fee either for using the recovery unlike others & trailers are covered. :)

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AA have no problems with my series 2a.Cover is for a driver,not a vehicle.

They do however have a limit on the number of times you can use them.After calling them out for the sixth time in one year to rescue my old bmw,I recieved a letter saying any further services would be charged for.Back to a clean sheet the following year,so I suppose thats fair enough,but I hadn't spotted it in the small print up till then.

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Alot of the companys have small print relating to vehicle age or weight which could effect Landys. Whether they use it or not is another matter, as 2 of the companies mentioned above technically wouldn't recover my series.

Best I found was Britannia Rescue who have been superb recoving our old Rangie and Camel when we needed them... although Dan was having a chuckle with the guy when we turned up to the Malvern show with the Rangie, he asked him to come in quietly so no-one saw... lots of flashing beacons later he was delivered! :lol:

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