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The Three Amigos Again


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In a nutshell, I have had the front faulty ABS wheel sensor and hub replaced to banish those damn lights.

However (isn't there always an However!), however now the 3 amigos are intermittent, which is better than it was (passed its MOT), but my local Independant chap has tried all to extinguish the lights with various purging codes to God knows what other buttons LR RAVE system has.

It transpires that the ABS modulator is the fellow causing the intermittent fault; so I can buy a 'repair kit', which is not guaranteed to work, or splash out for a new/recon modulator! The former still is a few hundred quid all in, and the latter is running to more hundreds of quids!

Any one any experience of this?? I suspect every SeriesII Disco owner has been here!


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Mine flips every time if you give it a lot of LH lock and boot the throttle hard on loose gravel. Rest of the time, it behaves. I do know of a couple with similar problems here though, and we can't figure it out either :unsure:

One of many reasons I hate electronics. How often does an air locker throw up three bongs and a warning light when you weren't even using it?

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