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Discovery V8 Service question


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Spent a few hours looking through the Forums today after resgistering earlier. What can I say ? Some serious knowledge here !

Just picked up a beautiful 3 door 1995 Disco V8 Auto, 78k miles, and am just about to give her an oil change.

How often should the cam / timing chain on these monsters be changed ? Read a lot elsewhere about the diesels and cam belts, but not a lot about the V8's.

I've had a good old poke around under the bonnet and underneath at all the ususal stuff, every thing seems OK. Is there anything else. unique to Disco's, I should be looking at ? Hi / low ratio works well, as does diff lock.

Thanks in advance


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Welcome :)

I don't think it has a service interval, "when it starts to rattle" is probably the honest answer. Rubber belts perish and snap, but the chain just gets progressively slacker - at 78k miles it is probably still fine I should think.

I'd change all the oils including gear/t.box/axles/swivels for peace of mind.

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When you do replace it you can get duplex ones for not much money - steel gears and stronger chain.

Changing *all* the oils & fluids is a good idea, you never know what's lurking in all those other bits. Greasing the prop UJ's is an often-neglected task too.

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