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Right took my old 110 to bits today and have a few niggles.

I've replaced the old 3 bolt PAS box shiney new 4 Bolt PAS box only problem is that the 3 Bolt was imperial and the 4 bolt is metric so the unions on the pipes don't fit. Anybody got any idea where I can get these from? I need a PAS resevoir to box and a PAS pump to box return pipe. Will other stuff like Disco parts fit?

Took the radiator out to do the work (made it 100 times easier but also made me think putting the old Rad back is folly and I should replace the viscous fan with an electic model. Now I'm not going to spend £100s on a Kenlowe affair so am thinking pulling one out of an old Pug 405 or the like, anybody done this where do you put an otter to make it kick in etc?

While this is all out I may as well pop a new timing belt on, I can see all the bolts and no rad and no fan makes this seem like a no brainer. I've ordered a belt (just a belt do I need a kit?) and wonder should I be doing this? I can do most stuff just this bothers me a little.

Ta all

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i found my electric fan havent fitted it yet but im just gonna wire it to a swich and just turn it on manually

can i ask what engine u have as i hae a td the chaing the belts not that difficult just make sure its tight and ya dont move anything once

the old belts off and ure probably best when u take the waterpump bolts out 2 poke them through some card so u know where went as there all different


hope this helps will :unsure:

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The pressure pipe (pump to steering box) will have to be made, as whichever pipe you use it will be wrong at one end or the other. Seems to me you need the pump end of one, and join it to the box end of the other (metric one end and imperial the other). You can buy a thermal fan switch, but the likes of Kenlowe are not very reliable - especially in the wet. E-eng do a thermal switch in a housing that you fit inline with the lower radiator hose.

As for the timing belt - what engine?


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Right, was being a bit dumb not mentioning which engine, its a 2.5NAD in a 1984 110.

I also put a New(er / ish) pump on yesterday and this was off a 200TDI I swapped the mounting brackets and it was a straight swap. One pipe was a push fit and jubilee (I pressume supply to pump) and the other was a collar type fitting (I pressume pressure return / supply to box)

So if the pump was off a 200TDI and the pump end of the pipe fit could I use pipes and resevoir off a 200TDI, instead of the costly route of geeting some made up?

What point did 4 bolts start to be used, would a 2.5TD have a 4 bolt?

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This thread will walk you through replacing the timing belt on your engine.


Last PAS box I replaced was on a 'G' 2.5TD 90, that was 6- bolt.


Use whatever reservoir that fits, but as it's a low pressure connection - you only need the steel pipe that connects to the pump, and then jubilee clip the soft rubber connecting pipe to it.


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I also own a early 110 NAD and decided to fit PAS to it and it turned out to be a complete nightmare.

I brought a cheap V8 system and could only use the box (4 bolt type) and reservoir, contrary to what people told me the pump would NOT fit and as such the pipework was useless.

I then got a second pump which came with no banjo bolt (V8 pump doesn't use a banjo fitting), which I could not get hold of as it is only sold with the pump. The pump seemed to use some mickey-mouse thread which my local hydraulic hose place couldn't find a fitting for (actually they couldn't figure out what it was!), they did however manage to make me the box to reservoir pipe, as I was told (incorrectly) that the OEM Land Rover ones were extortionate.

Unable to locate the correct banjo bolt I got a local engineer to turn down another banjo bolt, tap it and cut a new thread in the pump, but the metal in the pump was such poor quality that the thread was next to useless.

Finally at Sodbury I picked up a TDi pump for a tenner, still needing the pump to box pipe I decided to bite the bullet and get it from the local Land Rover dealer, I was supprised how cheap the original pipes were, in fact I didn't use the one the hose place had made as I brought the original one instead, however I did use just a length of hydraulic hose for the reservoir to pump feed rather than buy an OEM one.

All is fine and dandy now. :D

The pump to box hose I used (i.e. banjo one end, threaded the other) was NTC5001 and the box to reservoir hose was NTC8861.

Also like you I decided to change my cambelt/crank oil seal at the same time (I think it needed it!!!) and it's a piece of pi$$ to do, just follow Les's excellent guide and you can't go wrong.


...and NO this is not the result of my poor maintenance but the previous owners.

As for the fan I'm still using the viscous one.

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