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  1. Are there any gotchas when doing this? (I know I'll need to swap speedo drive as D2 doesn't have one) Anybody done and can offer sage advice before I have a go this weekend. Assume I'll need a gasket set at the very least? Thanks in advance
  2. Don't think it's that clever to disconnect when charged. Defo wired up right? I found the diagram in the instructions less than helpful really. (also the spelling mistake on the LED unit doesn't inspire confidence) Are you hearing the big fat relay disconnect? I know on mine because it on the 2nd battery the voltage doesn't go high enough that when running it does't show the 2nd battery as it's above the 12v or whatever it only goes up to.
  3. I wanted to, but just can't justify the cost at the moment. £50 I paid for 4 brand new 110 dampers taken off a car the day it was delivered.
  4. So i'm about to swap the springs and shocks on my 110, they are a touch tired and I got some "new take offs" at great price. So I have Shocks and Springs but what would other people recommend having based on doing this before? It's a 2004 so most bolts will have that special brown thread lock stuff on them. I'm thinking: Front New turrets (std but Galvanised) Turret Ring-retention Full set of bolts? Lower spring Seat Is there anything I can do here to reduce noise, improve ride? quite keen on this and I've heard about using Disco2 parts / spring isolators? Rear Lower spring Seat Spring retainer plate Is that it or am I missing something that halfway through the job I'll curse myself for not ordering? replacing? Also is it worth fitting Anti Roll bars at the same time, or just do that later? it's a road/family Landy not an off road toy
  5. In all honesty unless you going to Oz or the desert I find the pop up tents at a Decathlon very good. Quick to pitch Good value
  6. Wipac crystals and upgraded bulbs with a relayed feed for the lights is vast improvement. I would say they are on a par with my Disco4 headlights. Massive headlight upgrades can be archived for £50-£70
  7. I bought a Chinese one and it's okay. I then butchered it and added my spots and light bar, a bracket, a splash proof relay and fuse holder, fuses and swapped the fuses and the relays to LR items but for the £6 it was well worth it just for the connectors. Total cost was about £30 when finished
  8. 2x quick release seat bolts from a bike Cut them short, tap a thread, pop in a couple of Rivnuts. This is what I'going to do for the 40" light bar, no way I'm leaving that on all the time
  9. Update on this: It's the battery backed up alarm sounder multiplug
  10. Not the same on my 300Tdi and TD5 TD5 you pull the round handle towards to release and move 300Tdi move to side to release TD5 feels like a shorter throw with fewer positions and much easier to seal
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