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O/T ----- Computer problem when browsing


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When looking around on ebay, both my PC's [desktop & notebook] throw up this warning refer to attachment] I'm running XP & IE7 on both machines.

it says ----------------

Microsoft Visual C + + Runtime Library

Buffer overrun detected

Program C:\ program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe

a buffer overrun has been detected which has corrupted the programs internal state

the program cannot safely continue execution & must now be terminated

if I click the OK box straight off, IE7 closes & can then be re-opened to carry one as normal, this error/warning only ever appers when I'm signed into my ebay pages & is a right pain in the butt, especially if I'm looking for something or trying to bid.

any of you IT guys know what the problem is, both my pc's are bang upto date with updates.

help please :(


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I'm not 100% sure about this but I've had a look for you here and it seems to suggest that your computer has picked up a parasite. :(

Cheers for looking, I've had a look on the link but only found what you mention above, I run PC Tools spyware doctor & antivirus & niether have reported anything wrong & both are bang upto date,. maybe it only likes ebay for so unknown reason. just got used to IE7 & don't really wabt to change to something else, might jkust have to live with it.

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You should run only one anti-virus software program as they tend to conflict, however you should run multiple anti-spyware/malware programs as each one will catch ones the others won't.

I pesonally use the following bit of software which are all free:

Sygate Personal Firewall (bu&&er to configure)

Active Ports

AGV Antivirus

Microsoft Windows Defender

Lavasoft Ad-aware SE Personal (for when I'm forced to use Explorer)

Spybot Search & Destroy


Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

I always have antivirus running and scan regularly with a couple of the above. Active Ports lets me see what ports I have open and what activity is on them, while the personal firewall gives me a second level of protection behind the SPI firewall of my router and can monitor outbound traffic as well so I can see whats trying to communicate with the internet.

From the configuration you posted in another thread I notice that you do not use a router, I assume that you do not run a software firewall? Don't rely on the firewall which comes with windows XP as it's next to useless and leaves you open to attack.

You could download a copy of HijackThis (very complex) scan your system and post the results on their forum, one of the techies will have a butchers and tell you what nasties you have lurking on your system. Also I would suggest you have a read of THIS as well.



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No router as yet, but that'll be sorted soon, laptop isn't always on when desktop is connected to internet, I'm using XP's own firwall, don't know which of any others to chose. my spyware & antivirus are different programs but from the same source, didn't realise that other spyware progs could be run in tandem with these, lots of things to think/sort out. cherrs for the help.

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