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300tdi with NO exhaust at all!


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We have just transplanted a 300tdi ex Disco into a Defender which had a 19J diesel turbo engine. Anyway, we eventually started it with no exhaust at all and it was remarkably quiet. Sounds nice, in fact, because you can hear the turbo whistling. Goes like a bomb. This has convinced me more than ever to have at least my centre silencer removed in order to reduce back pressure in the system. Or maybe remove both.

This was a good demonstration of how much power and therefore noise the turbo removes from the system. A while back we ran a 200tdi with no turbo and that was noisy.

Believe it or not, the 19J is going into the Disco which is to have the top chopped off and become a 'play' machine.

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I guess you had the down pipe in place though?

as I drove my defender with absolutely no exhaust once and it was :

loud and flat with no power at all.

now I have 1 straight through silencer and it is perfectly quiet for any journey.

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did the same thing too

recently changed the exaust system on the 300tdi (disco transplant too)

just used a defender middle box and pipe running aft to a exit just left of the Rear tow hook

cut the Cat out of the system & put the non cat - midle box pipe - What a difference

the motor is far more responsive and far easier to drive - no black smoke

prior to fitting the new system on I ran it withouf the system and was also suprised on how quite the motor was

happy trails


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