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making window guards


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Guest diesel_jim

I've thought about this too, for my 110 CSW.

I've got some rear small windows (the ones either side of the safari door) and the safari door one, plus a dog guard, so just need two for the sliding side windows.

I think i'll just go to my local steel stockholders and see if they have any "punched sheet" type stuff, 1mm thick or so with 1" ish square holes punched through it.

cut to shape of the window, make a kind of frame for it and work out how to attach it to the body (not sure whether to mount them inside or outside... outside would make it look a bit prison-van type IMO)

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Depends on what you want the guards to do, if it's to protect the windows from getting broken by stuff in the back of the vehicle then they obviously need to be on the inside.

I use my 110 (hardtop) for hauling work related stuff around in and just knocked up a few simple box section and mesh ones, ok not pretty but do the job.

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As Pyrover says, it depends what you want to achieve. I used some mesh and four bolts each side: (best photo I have)


Not pretty, not particularly secure (although the bolts have twin nylocs on them) but it looks the part and would make it harder to smash the windows and reach in. That said, the front windows are still vulnerable but if you were really interested you could go in through the hardtop sides with a Stihl saw. There's nothing worth stealing inside and I think this has much more effect than 6mm plate over all the windows.

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