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I have just bought a 1998 110csw td5 with an Overfinch badge on the front grill.

This along with an "Overfinch" Motolita steering wheel is all I can see is upgraded.

Any ideas as to the Overfinch spec it might be...?

I emailed Overfinch but as yet they haven't repied.



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Guest dew110CSW
possibly the engines been remapped for more power by them or a previous owner added the badge & different steering wheel.

The latter seems a fair bet - Someones just put it on for bragging rights. If it has been remapped or other then you'd be able to tell as it'd pick up better than most TD5s.

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Could be all sorts of stuff, though. They do high ratio, precission steering kits, big brakes, handling packs etc. I'd agree the other suggestions are moe likely but it'd be hard to tell unless you drive it or ask Overfinch direct.

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