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Spare wheel carrier question

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On my swing away wheel carrier there is a vertical hole drilled in the top bolt that hold the wheel. I am intrigued.

Is this for a big cotter pin to prevent nut ever undoing by accident or is it to take a wee padlock? I would guess the hole is about 2 or perhaps 3mm diameter.

I took a sort of medium sized cotter pin to it and the hole looked enormous against it.

I would have thought that the size of padlock that would go in would hardly deter someone wanting to steal the wheel.

An answer would be interesting - especially since I have just had to have a new tyre put on my spare and would hate to see it go for walkies!

Thanks and best wishes


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I would always fit a set of locking wheel-nuts even if you haven't got a set of expensive alloys. The sets come in packs of 4 or 5 and are very cost effective at less than £25.

I wouldn't just rely on a locking wheel-nut for the spare, wrap a strong padlock & chain through the centre (motorcycle type) just to make sure.

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