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110 TD5 non starter

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my TD5 110 only starts when I wiggle the ignition switch, turn it full, then release it slightly.

I thought it was the ignition switch unit so just changed it for another one and still the same problem...

I can hear lots of clicking/relays...etc, should I start to check these...?

thanks in advance


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Guest diesel_jim

IIRC the Td5's have a relay, energised by the ignition switch, that controlls the starter.

Soo.... if the relay is clicking (each time you turn the key), i'd get a voltmeter, and measure the voltage at the spade connection on the starter solenoid.

If you get a good 12v (or so) on each "turn of the key", i'd go for the starter itself (well, the solenoid at least, althought probably better to change the whole starter)

If the 12v is intermittant in relation to each turn of the key, then i'd plump for the relay,

but 9 times out of ten it'll be the starter.

Made by Lego i think..... :rolleyes:

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