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A Couple of Questions

Mo Murphy

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Q1. Does the extension case on the back of an LT77 gearbox have a filler or does it fill from the main gearbox filler ?

Q2. To reduce the fuelling (for the mot) does the full flow screw on the back of a 300 Tdi injection pump need to be screwed in or out ?



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Guest diesel_jim

and the screw needs to be wound out..... not too far or it falls on the floor and diesel gushes out of the pump*

* a "friend" told me.... :unsure:

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For the MOT, I would use (If I had to :rolleyes: ) the cable tension adjuster. If backed right off (lots of slack in the cable) then only 1/4 throttle is available at full peddle travel. Remember that the rules say a car is tested "as presented". ;)


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