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Autobox End Float.


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With my V8 attached to the autobox, according to the Ashcroft site, there should be about 2mm endfloat. This I assume is the gap between the flexplate and the mounting feet on the torque convertor.

I have about 4mm gap. Is this OK? Presumably the flexplate will pull the torque convertor out this distance when I bolt them together, so hoping 4mm will not be too far and unseat the oil pump drive or worse.

Alternatively can/do/should I use a 2mm washer as a spacer. Certainly don't want the engine or box out again :blink:.

I should add, both were together in the original vehicle working fine - as always though just want to get it right!!


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I had exactly the same. After checking carefully the correct TC engagement dimension, i too had about 4mm.

I bolted it up & it seems ok, but i had the same though as you about fitting washers...

I would also be interested in the answer (Mr Ashcroft).....

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Not sure exactly what you mean by radially, but everything else is fine (bolts line up etc.).

Washers (assuming they are the answer?) would simply prevent the torque convertor being pulled too far back when bolting it to the flexplate. Flexplate is mounted to crank and torque convertor is held in the gearbox. It is a spacing issue, so hopefully no flopping about :huh: .

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Distance between flange of engine (where it mates with g/box bellhousing)and back (engine side) of flywheel (not ring gear) is, according to LR manual, is supposed to be 8 - 8.2mm, adjusted by different crankshaft shim sizes. This is correct on mine.

One option may be that the flexplate does not seem flat, more a slight cone shape. If I run a straight edge down it (from the centre), it definately points forwards slightly. This would increase the gap, but is this normal and if not, how would it happen? It is completely true otherwise, so not buckled.

Not sure how long the oil pump drive is and whether I risk unseating the torque convertor by hooking it up. I really, really don't want it out again.

HELP !!!!

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