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Eartham Pit (West Sussex) AWDC

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I've entered in a mate's motor as my Muddler's in bit's!

And Si! i'm thinking of buying this to use next year!!!! :unsure: i only need to fit a front winch, locker's and bigger tyre's! ;):ph34r:

Ooooh what is it?? :ph34r: Very brave of you.... :D

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A great day out with the class 1............. started badly on the first section but got better as the day went on........ had a roll on the 3rd section, all the way over and back onto my wheels so just carried on! :lol: finished the day with a couple of clear's but not on the last :rolleyes: don't no were i came overal, don't care realy, just had a good day out! some of you out there should give it a go!

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