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Mirrors again


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Will D2 mirrors fit a RRC the doors frame don't look that diffrant

how hard would it be to get the electric adjstment working.

I drove my toy the LSE to gaygon with a 22ft caravan on the back and was totaly unawaer of what devistation I was leaving behind me. on the way home my wife met me at the show and the D2 towed it home and it was so much better. My wife also hats the fact that the mirrors are so small on the classic

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Hmm, well without wishing to preach, you can be prosecuted for not having tow mirrors fitted if your view to the rear is restricted to such a degree.

Towing with the normal RR mirrors never bothered me though in all the years before I picked up a set of the proper extensions

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I had the caravan mirror extenton on my side but not the passenger side than they were on the Disco(which towed the van home) on the way home and the wife complaned about how carp they were for her genrally on the RRC.

I gess we are spoiled with the freelander and Disco 2 mirrors.

I just thought that as the disco door and a RRC door frame is not that diffrant it could be posible.

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I'm sure that anything is possible, especially with LR's.

I suppose I don't find them too bad after those terrible Desmo type from the old RR.

I did have a pair of Mk2 Tranny mirrors on the pick-up, which worked quite well.

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