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REQUEST & Offer Re The 2007 Mike Wolfe Challenge

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Evening All,

If you have ANY Pics or ANY video clips etc of the recent MWWCE 2007 Challenge

can you please PM me so I can send you an address to send them to ?

I have now a goodly number of Pics from the MWWCE 2007, (and some more promised) and as they arrive I am asking those who contribute the pics etc to consider the following thought,

...so far I have had I am pleased to say 100% backing from those giving the pics :)

In really simple terms I know LR4x4.com has been very generous and helpfull in letting the HBRO advertise the MWWCE 2007, which many forumeers entered, as such I would like to repay the Forum in some way. Additionally I am also aware that my position as a 'Moderator', and my also being an 'Organizer' of an Event could be 'misinterpreted' maybe in some way ?


I have had a number of photographs sent to me (I will advise just how many when I close this thread and go to print sorry 'burn' :P , but seriously there will be a load :) ) various pics of various teams, and ALL the photographers so far have kindly each given me their permission .............and therefore allowed me to make this offer to you all.

KittyGrip Productions (MWWCE 2007 Piccie Division PLC INC Ltd TTFN SWALK' ) will be burning all of the Pics to a 'CD' (actually at this rate more likely need to be F DVDs :lol: ) .

I will cover the costs of the DVDs and the Packaging, all you need to do is to place your order with me,

along with a Paypal Payment (when asked) of just £5 to 'TC' our Gin Ridden Old Soak Treasurer

.............- wait till I say :blink: ..............wait for it :ph34r:

This £5 will then get you one DVD delivered in a 'jiffy bag' to a (UK :P Bogbrush) destination of your choice,

the ONLY deduction will be 'Postage' at whatever the PO charge - which I think could be 2nd class envelope ie well less than £1 - the balance will then go fully to the 'LR4x4.com Forum Coffers'.

Again I will charge nothing,

I will fund the DVDs the "Jazzy" labelling and the Jiffy bags myself,

All profits go to LR4x4 by way of a small "Thankyou" from Myself, the HBRO ..............and I guess from the entrants too !

At the mo if you are interested show your interest with a post, further details will follow, ................

..............but now you know why I am asking for pics and vids,

If you have ANY of either - and would like to help fund and support LR4x4.com - then PM me please ?

Otherwise .............if you would like a DVD post up :)

More later


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yes please and £5 sent to the forum fund

Just so no one misunderstands I am a tea totaler and all monies go to the forum not the so called Gin Fund

so often mentioned by old lushes on this here Forum :)

That was a forum announcement made by "40%ProofyeeeeraaarghhhgerrofWhite90"

Nige :)

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Just so no one misunderstands I am a tea totaler and all monies go to the forum not the so called Gin Fund

so often mentioned by old lushes on this here Forum :)

Yes, …………. I thought you were an upstanding member of the temperance society ……. very unusual in modern social circles…….well done ……….

Unlike the HFH fellow…………We will not mention the gospel singing, Morris Dancing and the Sunday door knocking and…….and………… :lol:



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