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spud murphy

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Was all going so well, I know I SHOULD have removed the bleeder. :rolleyes:

Slipped whilst removing crank seal and have now ruptured one of the horizontal cooling channels.

Anyone had a radiator repaired before, any tips or wrinkles that have worked for you???

Anyone gota spare/scrapper??

Cheers all

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Been there, done that on a Vauhall Astra (I accidentally trod on the rad). Nip the horizontal pipe closed where it's leaking and add K-Seal to the cooling system, start the engine and watch the leak stop. Amazing stuff - the leak was a very fine needle jet, and I watched it slow to a drip and then stop completely within less than 5-minutes. Well worth the near-£10 price tag for it. I did this almost 2-years ago and the rad is still fine and leak free.


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