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Timing belt kits

spud murphy

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Hi all.

Right still waiting to resurrect the disco after the injection pump went west and have now compiled all the rebuild components and weather permitting it will be rebuilt this weekend.

However, when the engine timing belt was removed there was evidence of rubber dust and debris within and a rub mark on the timing cover down by the crank dust seal


The disco has only got 69k on the clock and we had the belt done as a matter of course when we got it at 49k.

Now the original components on the engine were straight crank cog ie no rims, a rimmed black plastic tensioner roller and smooth metal idler roller.

I've just opened the brand new timing kit with cogs from Craddocks and now have a rimmed crank cog and two unrimmed metal tensioner and idler rollers.

Is this the correct combo?? or was the plastic rimmed tensioner roller an up grade or original kit.

Should the crank cog and tensioner roller be rimmed? or have I just forked out £88 for half an up graded kit?

I noticed that in Les' excellent timing belt change thread in the tech forum that smooth metal rollers are shown.

Cheers all, John

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That is the same as the kit I fitted to mine. IIRC that is the correct upgrade kit as the crank pulley keeps everything in-line.

The old bits I removed from mine were as you have described.

Before I fitted the new belt and pulleys etc I used to get an unidentifiable smell of burnt rubber on a longish run and now with the new bits I don't. I think that what I could smell was the cambelt rubbing on the timing cover.



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With a bit of luck you have the Bearmach pulley which has a forged lip on the front of the crank pulley. Tbe LR genuine kit used to have a spot-welded shoulder on the front of the pulley which could (and would) fall off, with not very nice results. And LR would deny all responsibility for the resulting failure if they had not fitted the pulley. Do you wonder why I don't like LR stealers?

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