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Farm Jack


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there are no ideal locations on a standard disco as far as i know, i have a winch bumper with jacking points and use the tow ball bracket or rear bumper on my battered disco 1.

if you want to use the jack on the side of your disco NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!, the plasctic will not hold it and if it does your jack will rip your body work on lowering.

jackable sills, front and rear bumpers with jacking points are the only real option for safe use


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Do you have after market Jackable sills on your discovery or do you have a winch / heavy duty bumper with jacking holes? You can also get a back you can jack up from your tow bar, but I'm not sure about the safety of these. Basically a standard idsco is to soft use one on, you need some of these to fit your jack to. I'm not sure if you are aware, but you can get the jack adapter that fits the farm jack to allow it to locate in the holes in the following:

Pics from http://www.firstfouroffroad.co.uk/





(Obviously a defender, but you can get them for discos)


Towbar jobby:


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Until you have proper high lift jacking points, keep you land rover issue bottle jack!!!

a high lift (or equivalent) looks good mounted on the vehicle but may not be really of any use.

save up and get some rocksliders, or if you can, fab your own.

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I think I have attached some pic's of my disco recovery points, though crude they have seen a lot use recovering the beast from the mud fully laden many times a day.

This was while working with a fleet of defenders that were far better in soft conditions.

After 6 years I have finaly got a defender so can normally stay on top now.

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