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Alternator wiring disco 200tdi


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I Just need to check that I have the wiring right on this alternator as it seems almost too simple which usually means something is wrong?

Its a Denso A127-65

the terminal B+ goes to the battery positive (thick brown wire) is it worth putting a fusable link in this?

the terminal D+ goes to the warning light (brown with yellow light)

I dont know where the white wire coming from the terminal marked W goes? perhaps a rev counter or something?



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Yup, the size of the stud terminals make it pretty easy to work out which wire goes where.

Being a pedant, B+ normally goes to the starter motor, which of course then goes to the battery. No it's not worth putting a fusable link in for the alternator.

The W terminal is for a rev counter. If you want one, make sure you buy one for alternator/diesel feed, as they're different to petrol engine rev counters, some are switchable to run off both.

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Ok, Ok,

"The alternator connects to the high current connection (the big one) on the starter motor solenoid, to which is also attached the cable from the positive terminal on the battery."

hey, LML, if you are goimng top be a pedant, get it right

Psst, it's "going to be" :P:P , y'know, if I'm going to be a pendant.

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