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D2 tyre size


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I'm getting a new set of AT's for my D2

it has 255/65/16 on it but there small

I have been offered a set of 265/70/16 but I did have a set of 265/75/16 BFG AT's on it and they were way too big as it screwed the gearing on the Auto box.

does anyone run 265 / 70 / r16's on a disco 2 and is it ok or a pain in the ars

I will be fitting AT2's


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When I got tyres for my D2 I looked up sizes on Disco2.net (or something like that........)

They had a chart of each size tyre which suggested the 265/70/16's which I went for and they looked/performed well with no rubbing.

It mentioned the 75's could rub, but in reference to the post above I don't know if P38s can take bigger tyres or not.

Mine was an auto and was fine as the 70s don't raise the gearing so much. In fact it used to read 4% under and they pretty much corrected it. :)


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