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  1. Have you replaced the temp sender or was the engine or part of the engine out of another car This happens if you have a disco temp sender on the engine and trying to send info to a Defender dash gauge. I say check the sender again
  2. Lot of people want to do Australia Well worth it , I have done all of it apart from The Simpson Desert , which is my next big trip. I am lucky enough to drive around most of Australia for my job, and fly around the rest.
  3. Power steering fluid kills them really quickly. Check you don't have a leaking power steering box.
  4. Here in Aus we use UHF radios instead of CB's lot better and a lot clearer than CB's too But also pretty much all of the small walker talkies are UHF and therefore work with the car ones I have bought cheap ones for the kids and when at the beach or camping the kids run around with their radios playing but I can hear everything they are doing in he car. I also have the UHF hand held for my company car which make it hand too. Manly to talk the road trains to tell you them you are overtaking.
  5. I have one on my disco Goes around down the side but not as much as you wanted. But enough to protect everything. Solid thick metal Cheers Ali
  6. Yes I have rollers doors on my place and they go up into the roof and therefore give you the whole acces. Where as up and over hang down and restrict the access
  7. The Ctek ore great and have so many different connectors that you can have many ways to charge the battery's In both my defenders i have put there remote charger plugs due to the batteries being under the seats. And then just charge the batteries like this.
  8. Just don't do what Jules ( my brother ) did and that put the 90 in the garage as standard and fit lift and 35" tyres and then after months of work on the car suddenly realise that you could not now get the truck out of the garage.
  9. Could just get a bigger garage :-) Defenders fit in some garages no problem
  10. Shame they did not die in there, looked like not one of them could swim. Look like a bunch of oxygen theves anyway.
  11. Does not matter how cool they are if they are full of rust. Better places than the uk to export them from. All the uk ones are rusty and terrible.
  12. Amazes me why the hell would anyone want a rust buket from the uk
  13. Well I love my two defenders and I show it Even on my disco :-)
  14. I will but it is dark at the moment but when it is light tomorrow morning I will post some pics of my 200 TDI with it Aircon
  15. Hi I have just done it on a 200 TDI I put a ARB style heavy duty rear bumper with tow reciver, but was from a 300tdi. Bolts are the same and in the same place so that bit is easy. I did take the lights and indicator connections off the trailer connector as it was right there. Only down side , the trailer light on the dash will work all the time as the car believes you have a trailer lights on. Here is mine
  16. I got on 2 remote kits of eBay for the warns I have They were $13 each work great.
  17. Picked up my new toy today. It's a 1950 80" S1 Will go we'll with my other 1950 80" S1 Where it will live until I get round to fixing it
  18. They are solid with springs on the base. But pretty firm springs so not whippy. But will bend when you hit a tree or branch. . They don't bend back too much at 70 mph.
  19. I have two on my ARB bull bar The UHF ( don't do cb's here in Aus ) and the Mobile phone areil That is pretty much where everyone in Aus has them. On their bull bars. Although I sent my brother over a set of Aus style ones as you don't have the same style in the uk.
  20. Well the only problem I can see is the sun causing a problem Would not do it here in Aus as the sun destroys stuff left out in it. Plastic and ropes are not too good after a while in the sun But on second thoughts you won't have too much problem with that in the uk :-)
  21. Yeah I would second that. I have a set of there's on the back seat in my 110 and it has survived the two boys as babies and now kids. With heir biscuits, drinks vomit and other stuff kids do.
  22. They were more likely yours are the indicators you get on the ARB bull bar.
  23. I bought a 20" led light bar from china Cost me £130 delivered Got it on my 110 and I am very pleased uses no power and very bright . Have just got a Led work light for the back for the camp trips. As said before a bit too bright to take a pic of at night with it looking carp
  24. Yeah this was one hell of a project But gave one hell of a truck. I always really wanted to test it off road but as Andy knows me really too well he would never let me drive it off road. :-)
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