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Tong need YOUR help!

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Hi there y'all! This is Mims, Mrs Wavey!

Sorry to hi-jack his account, but needs must!!! (Also, apologies if this is TOTALLY in the wrong place...I'm new to this forum!)

Please read below....

We are having some problems with the planning department and are trying to get as many people to support TONG as we can!

We are calling on the help of anyone who has used the venue in the last ten years.

It does not matter if you have only ever been once or a hundred times; anything will help.

Can you please e-mail us with dates when you have visited the centre with a brief description with a reference to the 4x4 driving you did.

Any photos you could attach would be great.

Sending this info in writing along with hard copies of photos or programs, etc would be super helpful too, as would add weight to our argument.

Anything you send us will be returned.

If you send photos, please sign them and put your name and address on the back, along with the date they were taken.


I John Smith visited tong for a 4x4 driving day

Sunday 20th June 1996

I have enclosed a picture of my 4x4 on Sunday 20th June 1996.

Signed John Smith

Any help will be very much appreciated.

The contact details are:

Email: rhoare@yahoo.co.uk

Post: R Hoare,

Parkwood 4x4

Home farm

Tong Village



Thanks to y'all in advance!! :)


Keep it muddy...Mims

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Hi there!

Mims again!

Sorry TJ101, I have never frequented this forum before (being a Jeeper!) so had no idea it had already been posted - I told Becci I would post it everywhere I could and so I have!!! Thanks for passing it on as you have...what a star!

FridgeFreezer....putting in the mag would be fantastic!

Which magazine is it? If you let me know, I'll drop Becci a line so she's aware of it! Ta :D

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