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Replace a knacked Borg Warner with a LT230?

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Its me again with the knacked borg warner transfer box. :angry: A possible solution i have come up with is to replace the BW with a LT230 instead of the ashcroft route. Has anybody done this, is it feasible or do i just need to cough up the cash for an ashcroft BW? thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and hopefully leave so words of advice.

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Yes, it's pretty much a straight swap. I was going to do this but then managed to trade the LT230 for a decent BW.

As I didn't actually do the swap I'm not 100% certain the props are the same length, but I think they are (measure the ones on an older range rover and compare with yours).

You'll also need the transfer box lever mechanism as it moves in two planes to operate the diff lock - BW only needs to move in one for hi-lo.

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The props are different lengths, not 100% on the back one but the front definitely is.

The mounts may not be the same.

You'd need the LT230 c/w it's linkage and selector mechanism, you'd also need the interior trim etc from an LT230 equipped vehicle I suspect, and you'd really want to wire up a diff lock warning light.

Personally I wouldn't do this. 1; it's more hassle than swapping the BW unit (what's wrong with it, is it the VC siezed?), 2; Having owned Range Rovers with both types of transfer case, the LT230 is somewhat agricultural compared with the BW. The LT230 tends to whine and be clunky.

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whats up with your BW case? VC seized? i have decent BW case sat in the shed but the VC is seized on it, i was using for 6 months with out trouble. if it helps its yours for a beer token.


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No difference in interior trim, so you shouldn't have any problems there. The only visible difference inside is the transfer knob (although that said, buy BW has an LT230 knob with diff lock markings - the lever is the wrong diameter for the correct knob, and as far as I can tell it left the factory like that... :rolleyes: ).

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