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Most Landrovers on the road today.............

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Guest diesel_jim
.....are the ones that leaked oil.......hence it covered the chassis and it didnt rust.

Non leaking landrovers have all rusted! :rolleyes:

Like the front of that RR chassis? :lol:

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Even without the serious corrosive environment you in the UK have to contend with,I'd guess that most of the older LandRovers still on the road over here have been rebuilt several times at realistically uneconomical cost in time, effort and financial resources. LandRovers advertising claim that 70% of all vehicles sold are still on the road is meaningless unprovable rubbish.


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If it's meaningless and unproveable rubbish, how do you know it isn't true? (That statement does swing both ways)

If any of us were to consider the uneconomical side of owning a Land Rover, then most of us wouldn't be here.

The cost of maintaining/keeping a Land Rover is only considered when you don't have the money at the time.

What other vehicle owner spends a small fortune on a vehicle and then tries to bust it? :D


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Guest dew110CSW
Like Trigger's brush - 15 heads and 23 staves but still 'original' :D


Got me crying with laughter here - Hit the nail on the bloody head!

If we all factored cost as why we own a vehicle this'd be "Fiesta2x4", But we just love the vehicles.

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