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  1. Excellent little rant there... You should carry on while you have the momentum
  2. made me cringe until I realised it was on your finger...
  3. So is it you assertion that anything other than a minor task can not be carried out safely? Not wishing to sound holier than thou, but realistically, if I thought that any task i was about to undertake could not be carried out safely, I would not do it...
  4. you still have to hold the nozzle...
  5. not all - COTAG 4X4 Response are impressive in their training, with all members being advance drivers, with first aid and radio ( amateur) qualification...
  6. You might need to ask for help from neighbours... Tomorrow morning I will be shopping for myself and two other households...
  7. What a fool I am - I had forgotten that!
  8. As it does in the D2, but when a single pipe burst in that, my peddle went to the floor again and again and each time it only slowed the car a bit.... Maybe the D2 ABS was faulty? but it was not showing any faults...
  9. Interesting! I didn't know that. I presume then, that when the EPB is set to whatever mode it is (can't remember) when you bed-in the pads, then that must be changed so that they DO work while rolling. I find it interesting that use of the EPB whilst rolling uses the same bake system as the normal brakes, so if you suffer some sort of catastrophic brake failure in the normal brakes then you have nothing... not even throwing it into park like you could when you had a physical connection to the gearbox.... I'm not entirely sure that I am a fan of some of the 'progress' that has been ma
  10. And so it goes on - after finding that the offside shoes were devoid of friction material, I opened up the nearside drum to find loads of friction material but they have been oiled (or greased) ie The shoes were heavily contaminated, but there was nowhere that the contamination could have come from... Must have been a right cowboy outfit that 'maintained' that car! Anyway, the D4 now has nice new shoes and drum/discs, and all I need to do tonight is degrease everything, remount the new disc/drums and pads and do the adjusting and bedding in process... That mak
  11. No - I got it from Spalding...
  12. When I took the disc/drum off there was no lining inside there, and no scoring of the drum or the shoes either, so I am thinking that at some time in the past, the linings broke up and probably caused a horrible screeching, so somebody looked at it, found the problem, emptied out the bits (which would stop the screeching) and resolved to never use the EPB (since it's an auto that's ok, you can put it in park) I am pretty certain that somebody has emptied out the bits since there was nothing (no even dust) in the drum... But how it got through the MoT last time i do not know... Unless unev
  13. I bought my D4 18000 miles ago with a new MoT. Being an auto I virtually never use the parking brake, except a few days ago when checking it over for this MoT which is due in a couple of weeks. I tried the EPB on a steep hill and it was obviously not working on the rhs. So tonight I stripped the disc off and found this... you know... I actually had to laugh when I saw it. this car was so expensive that I broke my no1 rule - to always get my own MoT as soon as I buy a car. Learn from my mistake people! NEVER trust a car salesman...
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