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  1. What a fool I am - I had forgotten that!
  2. As it does in the D2, but when a single pipe burst in that, my peddle went to the floor again and again and each time it only slowed the car a bit.... Maybe the D2 ABS was faulty? but it was not showing any faults...
  3. Interesting! I didn't know that. I presume then, that when the EPB is set to whatever mode it is (can't remember) when you bed-in the pads, then that must be changed so that they DO work while rolling. I find it interesting that use of the EPB whilst rolling uses the same bake system as the normal brakes, so if you suffer some sort of catastrophic brake failure in the normal brakes then you have nothing... not even throwing it into park like you could when you had a physical connection to the gearbox.... I'm not entirely sure that I am a fan of some of the 'progress' that has been made recently in the design of vehicles... I think that I feel more comfortable with the level of technology in the D2
  4. And so it goes on - after finding that the offside shoes were devoid of friction material, I opened up the nearside drum to find loads of friction material but they have been oiled (or greased) ie The shoes were heavily contaminated, but there was nowhere that the contamination could have come from... Must have been a right cowboy outfit that 'maintained' that car! Anyway, the D4 now has nice new shoes and drum/discs, and all I need to do tonight is degrease everything, remount the new disc/drums and pads and do the adjusting and bedding in process... That makes sense...
  5. No - I got it from Spalding...
  6. When I took the disc/drum off there was no lining inside there, and no scoring of the drum or the shoes either, so I am thinking that at some time in the past, the linings broke up and probably caused a horrible screeching, so somebody looked at it, found the problem, emptied out the bits (which would stop the screeching) and resolved to never use the EPB (since it's an auto that's ok, you can put it in park) I am pretty certain that somebody has emptied out the bits since there was nothing (no even dust) in the drum... But how it got through the MoT last time i do not know... Unless uneven handbrake is not a fail? No surely it would fail for that...
  7. I bought my D4 18000 miles ago with a new MoT. Being an auto I virtually never use the parking brake, except a few days ago when checking it over for this MoT which is due in a couple of weeks. I tried the EPB on a steep hill and it was obviously not working on the rhs. So tonight I stripped the disc off and found this... you know... I actually had to laugh when I saw it. this car was so expensive that I broke my no1 rule - to always get my own MoT as soon as I buy a car. Learn from my mistake people! NEVER trust a car salesman...
  8. And if you were referring to me, I claim the same excuse as Blanco except I wasn't always young...
  9. Wow! It even beats the Fiesta? I am impressed by your fidelity... Perhaps my cars reflect my character and explain why I never got married!
  10. Most of these were owned by me, but some I was extensively involved with (owned by a partner for example). The list is roughly in order but some overlapped... I know it's not all 4x4, but it kind of illustrates the path to where I am now with two Discos 1963: NSU Quickly moped - obtained with a seized engine but came with a spare. Change piston and barrel by myself at age 11yrs... Crashed on very first ride minutes after getting it running 1968: Mini (1959, it was knackered! Dad bought it for me to cut my teeth on before my 17th birthday - full engine/clutch rebuild done and mucho bondo bodywork followed... Passed my test in it and then they tightened the MoT and it was scrapped) 1973: Royal Enfield 250 Crusader 1974: Triumph Bonneville 650 (1968 cafe racer) 1976: Kawasaki KZ750 1977: Ford Escort 1100 Mk1 (decided to settle down and be sensible...) Norton Commando Mk3 (stuff being sensible!) Land Rover Series 1 80" with S2 NA diesel (45mph flat out) Land Rover IIA 109" petrol (not mine but we drove to India in this one in 1978) Honda C70 (fitted bicyle luggage and toured Scotland on this) Honda 250 Austin Cambridge automatic 1981: Triumph Daytona 500 1982: Moto Guzzi SP1000 (rode to Egypt on this one - two up in 1983) Ford Fiesta 1100 Mk1 Honda 400/4 Honda 550/4 Jaguar XJ6 (used nearly as much oil as petrol) Renault 4 (no ignition switch, trim, or rear seat, and had carboard boxes for rear wheel arches) Austin Metro (sensible again) Saab 900 Ford Sierra Estate For Sierra Saphire For a while I worked in a scrap yard and picked up and ran a few PoS cars I can't remember... Ford Escort 1100 Mk1 van Ford Cortina Mk 2 Fiat Panda 4x4 1993: Austin Montego 1600 (took Dad on his "50 years on European tour" in this one) Vauxhall Cavalier 1999: Honda CBR600FX (I still have it) 2003: Range Rover Vogue 1990 3.9 (converted to off-road pickup, only sold it last year) BMW 3 Series 1600 Citroen Xantia Peugeot 504 Nissan Micra (great engine but turned out to be a cut & shut abortion - scrapped) Discovery 200TDI 1996 2012: Skoda Octavia VRS Estate (2003, Ex-police. Very fast - possibly chipped. Put 110,000 miles on it with absolute minimal maintenance... Anyone want it for free? It still runs but wouldn't pass an MoT) 2015: BMW R1200R LC 2017: Discovery TD5 (2003) 2018: Discovery 4 (2013)
  11. Now this one I DO fancy - but am not going to bid on it so thought I would put it on here in case anyone likes it... Galvanised chassis and bulkhead... Nice https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Land-Rover-Series-3-1974-2-25-petrol-galvanised-chassis-bulkhead-tax-mot-exempt/133118444512
  12. That's sad... Mine are better than any diary or photo, especially the smudges and finger prints... They take me right back
  13. I used to shoot pistol until HMGovt took them away.
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