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  1. I have used flexible curtain wire - the stuff that looks a bit like the outside of a Bowden cable?
  2. This is not LR related, but may resonate with some of you... On one of my other vehicules, I have been doing some work which has taken rather longer than expected. It involved removal of multiple plastic panels, and when I came to put back the bumper (last major item) I set out the special bumper-holding shoulder screws that were left in the screws pot. There were eighteen. "Crickey!" i thought "Thats a lot...", and so I counted the holes... There were seven... But after half an hour of swearing, googling and head scratching, followed by another half an hour removing some of the other trim pieces already fitted just to be certain, I finally realised that, right at the start of the job (several months ago), I had bought a load of new screws and put them in the screws pot with the old ones. So now - after allowing for the ten new screws I bought, I just have one left over from the job.... Close enough for government work Rog
  3. If you want to cut to the chase: If you get the above message, and have an error code on a parking sensor, change the sensor... 🙂 Sorry if this has already been covered, I did a couple of searches but they seemed very slow and unproductive this morning... I got the headline message a few months ago now, so I put the Gap IID tool on it and found no faults on the camera. Next did a few searches (here and other places) and google pulled up loads of horror stories... "£600 for main dealer to investigate - still not fixed", "replace camera loom", "replace camera" etc etc. But my camera sometimes worked for just a few seconds so I didn't think it was actually a problem with the camera.. Then I remembered that there was as fault code on one of the rear parking sensors, so I changed that (cost £11 ish, I think) and that fixed it. I would strongly advise washing the car thoroughly before starting this job (the bumper traps a lot of mud), and arm yourself with some anti-rust products before removing the bumper 😉😆. Youtube shows where all the gotchas are (hiddent trim pins for example), but for me the most difficult aspect of the job was separating the parking sensor loom connector while balancing an ungainly bumper on my knees... Further googling would appear to indicate the the camera is 'dumb' and can't throw any codes, but that if any of the sensors a faulty then the whole of the system is deemed faulty and stops working. So in my case a single faulty rear sensor stopped all other sensors, and the camera from working. I earn my beer tokens as a programmer, and boy, is this lazy exception handling! Oh and one more thing - it appears that the reversing lights may be included in the "reversing system" since even after replacing the faulty sensor, the camera didn't work until I plugged the rear light units back in... Hope this helps somebody. Rog
  4. Land Rover on one side (passenger side down)... Marshall: "Are you ok?" Driver: "yes ok - no problem" Marshall: "Is you co-driver ok down there?" <little squeeky sound from the passenger seat> Driver (firmly): "She's fine"
  5. Well of course I know that, but I meant with regard to liking that Land Rover
  6. I had it apart and examined it for dry joints etc, the switch looked worn, but cleaned up nicely but that was the limit of my attempts and it made no difference. Maybe it could be repaired, but I need a clamp meter anyway for a future project and so it gave me the excuse to buy a good one
  7. Another point of interest (to me anyway) is that I have several sets of leads - including the ones that came with the 325 which are very plasticy and stiff, and some brand new modern 'silicon' ones, but the best ones I have (for being flexible and heavy) are the ones that came with the old 75. So part of it will live on
  8. After 35 years of use and abuse, my old faithful Fluke 75 gave up the ghost... I wonder if it knew that I had been browsing clamp meters recently? Anyway, thoughts of augmenting my old fluke with a cheap clampmeter soon gave way to the feeling that, out of respect, I had to replace it with another Fluke. A little research soon landed me on the Fluke 325 - here they are side by side... The king is dead - long live the king! The old Fluke 75 was proudly made in America, and I liked that (I generally like American tools), but I wondered when I ordered it, if the new one would be made in China? I didn't have to unwrap it far to find out
  9. Excellent little rant there... You should carry on while you have the momentum
  10. made me cringe until I realised it was on your finger...
  11. So is it you assertion that anything other than a minor task can not be carried out safely? Not wishing to sound holier than thou, but realistically, if I thought that any task i was about to undertake could not be carried out safely, I would not do it...
  12. you still have to hold the nozzle...
  13. not all - COTAG 4X4 Response are impressive in their training, with all members being advance drivers, with first aid and radio ( amateur) qualification...
  14. You might need to ask for help from neighbours... Tomorrow morning I will be shopping for myself and two other households...
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