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  1. ThreeSheds

    Random musings on the D4

    It's an easy car to drive fast (well faster than you should, anyway)
  2. ThreeSheds

    Random musings on the D4

    Fuel consumption testing... Two checks from tank full to tank full, 340 miles and 268 miles of mixed commuting and country driving (FYI my commute is mainly 60mph roads)... Calculated values about 26mpg, when the instruments 'average mpg' value is about 28mpg.
  3. ThreeSheds

    Welding a water pipe

    Thanks, but it's done now...
  4. ThreeSheds

    2001 discovery 2 td5 auto

    the actual keys you would insert in the lock...
  5. ThreeSheds

    Random musings on the D4

    Most annoying thing so far on this car: You can't just roll it forwards a few feet... I often park the car reversed up to the garage door, which is a little bit up hill. This morning I needed access to the rear of the car and there wasn't enough room for the tailgate to lift up. So I got in the car with the intent of rolling it forward a couple of feet. And of course you can't get it out of P without starting the engine! And since it it below 5oC out there, the FBH started up, and continued running after I had finished and came inside. All in all a big hit on the battery and probably 1/2 a litre of fuel wasted... It's a great car and all but sometimes I just hanker after something a bit more basic - like my old 80" series 1...
  6. ThreeSheds

    Random musings on the D4

    Thanks - I'll remember that.. There were loads that didn't come back once cleared, but the back door actually doesn't lock, and the DAB radio is poor, and both faults were reported again after being cleared
  7. ThreeSheds

    Vehicle transport recommendations

    Last year I moved a D2 from the southern Lake District to Aberdeenshire. I used Shipley, and IIRC it cost me £325. The chap was quite friendly but due to vehicle problems, he turned up at about 2am! I think that the Shipley system works well though. I was moving the car from Ulpha to Lumphanan
  8. ThreeSheds

    2001 discovery 2 td5 auto

    Now THAT I don't know... Mine was typed out on several bits of paper that came with the car - one in the glove box, one with the log book etc etc. Presumably the last owner was worried about losing it. I photographed it on my phone for the same reason. I suspect that your friendly local Land Rover dealer could find it for you (for a fee no doubt) or it might be in the original docs that came with the new car - if you have them. Rog
  9. ThreeSheds

    2001 discovery 2 td5 auto

    I always use my EKA - once you have put it in (quite a faff) then your physical key works like normal until next time you disconnect the battery. Once you have it running on EKA you can get your current keys coded to the car if necessary. My keys are not coded to the car but I have spent the last 50 years using physical keys so I don't really mind
  10. ThreeSheds

    How nasty is OAT coolant? Got it in my mouth!

    Well it was orange and I thought that meant OAT... But no - I am not sure since I didn't put it in... Anyway - ALWAYS tastes foul you say? How often do you resort to drinking it then Unlike you it's my first time - but I expected that the french wine additive part of it would be sweet? Perhaps the brand that was in the D2 was chaep (no bittering agent)...
  11. ThreeSheds

    How nasty is OAT coolant? Got it in my mouth!

    No unripe bananas then No, I didn't swallow it, but it did taste quite sweet,, so I was thinking of the doctor in 'Cannonball Run', and wondering... you know
  12. It tastes quite nice, but I don't have a container and was wondering how nasty it is...
  13. ThreeSheds

    Welding a water pipe

    thanks for the advice gents - bearing in mind what you have said I will clean it up and put some of that "QuickSteel" over it... I will also check that the water level switch in the header tank is working - just in case Rog
  14. ThreeSheds

    Welding a water pipe

    While doing some work on the TD5 Disco the other day I accidentally caught the steel coolant pipe that runs behind the rad-stack with a grinder and put a little groove in it. It's not right through but I think that with temperature cycling and vibrations it would not be a good idea to leave it since it would almost certainly crack. Since that pipe is expensive and looks like a bit of a pain to fit I was thinking of mig welding it in situ. I have drained that coolant, but there may still be a small amount of it behind where I would be welding. Is that likely to be a problem? (I am good enough that I won't be blowing through the steel, and I would clean the area first) Cheers Rog
  15. ThreeSheds

    Advice on an LR4 requested

    Disco 4 (LR4) is fantastic. Comfortable, fast enough, tows 3.5 tonnes and is amazing in snow or offroad. For the diesel there is a 'BIG' (ie expensive) service at 7 years/105,000 mile that you might want to look at, but I don't know if that applies to petrol engine? I would say that for your intended usage, you won't find much better...

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