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  1. ThreeSheds

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    Unfortunately I can't give any scientifically rigorous answer to this, but I reckon that it's about 28mpg for the D2 and 30mpg for the D4... One thing I can say is that I was a bit dismayed when I realised that the D4 tank is smaller than the D2, but as far as I am aware the range is approximately similar. The problem with comparisons like above is that there are so many factors involved, just a few of which are: Biggest factor is how I drive. Most of the time in the D4 I am showing an average of 31(ish)mpg, but on one recent trip where I was in a hurry with a sick dog on board I managed under 23mpg - and that was not being silly or illegal. Both cars have BFG K02 tyres, the D4's are slightly oversized and the D2's are a bit more oversized (compared to stock), meaning the speed and mileage recorded are not comparable. The D2 has a four speed auto box that locks up at an indicated 54mph in top (which is about right according to GPS, I think), whereas that D4 has an eight speed auto box that appears to lock up all over the show whenever it can. This is particularly beneficial to me since a lot of my normal mileage is (approx) 50mph cruising where the D4 is locked and doing 1200rpm, but the D2 is not locked and is doing 1800-2000rpm... The D4 estimate is based on the dashboard average MPG display, which I roughly checked with tank-to-tank soon after I bought the car. The D2 estimate is mainly based on gut feel and one trip on which I kept detailed records (see this post) Hope this helps somewhat - sorry I can't be more accurate, but that's why I put the "for me at least" caveat in the other post Roger
  2. ThreeSheds

    Random musings on the D4

    Thanks! I think so too. The 18" wheels have 10mm more offset than the normal LR ones, which (combined with chunky tyres) really makes a big visual difference, and improves the driving experience. win-win really
  3. ThreeSheds

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    Can't argue with that! (well except for the mpg, which for me at least is better in the D4). I guess it's horse for courses. I am getting on a bit now and I wanted one nice posh car before I go... , but I did keep the inherited D2 as a backup
  4. ThreeSheds

    Random musings on the D4

    How well does the FBH (fuel burning heater) work? First - my traceable to national standards outdoor thermometer wot I found in the garden: To be honest I think it was colder than this, but the car agreed, -6oC Now the car before running the heater as a 'single timed event' (which is a 20 minute (max) run) Then a video of the FBH exhaust while its running (I can't upload this here as it's too large) And finally - how the windscreen looked 18 minutes after the FBH started. Not bad eh? It's interesting to note that on a cold day the FBH runs even if I just get in and start the engine and drive away - this means that I have warm air from the vents long before the engine has warmed up. Also I think that the FBH just heats the cab unless it's VERY cold in which case it will preheat the engine instead.
  5. That gets my vote too, although I think that there must be an additional failure in the centre diff? Since the viscous coupling only prevents excessive slippage, the main power transfer is done by the mechanical diff I'll be very interested to see what you eventually tie it down to! Rog Edit: ! two people with the same thought! elbekko
  6. ThreeSheds

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    A few years ago a friend bought a new 90, and within a year the chassis (even the visible bits) was covered in rust far worse than the underside of my (then) eleven year old Skoda. A couple of years ago I inherited a (then) fourteen year old D2, and was gobsmacked by the level of rust underneath. Most of the chassis and suspension components looked like a post war mooring ring on a harbour wall!... It had done 104k miles (only 2/3 of the Skoda's miles) and had had so many new components (from bills supplied with it) that I thought it must be worth saving - so one new rear chassis, a new hub, new top and bottom joints, new CV joints, new exhaust, and ripping out the interior to seal the sunroofs later and there is still work to do. The Skoda mean time, soldiered on with just a new battery, new steering rack and the normal consumables in the last 110k miles that I have owned it. Another friend recently (after I had been on a bit of a rant about 'bad design' / 'cheap components' / 'poor-to-non existent corrosion protection' ) said - if they are so carp why do you keep buying them? Honestly I was stumped by that one for a while, but I guess I just love them? We moan, but we love them... With regard to the new defender, I just hope that it's better made than the old ones. And, although I doubt it would engender the same feelings that the old ones do, to be honest I have been surprised by how much I am falling for my D4 after a couple of months of ownership. The world has changed and nobody would or could make a basic 'no-electronics or plastic' car any more, but if it's like my D4 but with a shorter wheelbase and overhangs, then it would do nicely for me thank you very much... If I won the lottery of course. Rog
  7. ThreeSheds

    Random musings on the D4

    hmm... Think I'll shelve that idea then... Thanks for the reality check! Rog
  8. ThreeSheds

    Random musings on the D4

    different topic altogether. - what do you think these things are for? (arrow drawn on mobile phone - sorry) I mean the downward flaps that look a bit like spoilers, one each side at the front...
  9. ThreeSheds

    Random musings on the D4

    That's why I was thinking that the door mechs would be a good choice - they are live when the car is unlocked or when it is single-locked, but not when it is double-locked. TheBECM is the reason I was asking the question - that sort of thing frightens me... I tried something similar on a skoda a while ago only to find that the window switches didn't actually control the windows - they just sent a signal to the ECU... grrr
  10. ThreeSheds

    Recovery mods

    Sure - but I agree pretty much with all of this
  11. ThreeSheds

    LR4 halogen main/high beam - anyone fixed it?

    garrycol: I have (ok - had...) halogen 'fill-in' lights and HID main/dip lights. it was the fill-in halogens that were leaving a big gap above the mains and then lighting up the trees, that I wanted to prevent. The LED bulb adjustment is merely that (unlike halogens which don't need it anyway) the LEDs can be rotated in the housing. This is because most (all) LED lights have blind spots where they don't shine and the effects of this can often be mitigated by rotating them. The LEDs I used (which present as 55 Watts to the ECU) are not actually very bright, but since they are only fill-in lights I am happy with how they are now. On another thread I have mentioned that I am looking for some long range spots to help with the significant amount of night driving on unlit roads that I do at this time of year. Rog
  12. ThreeSheds

    P38 V8 Coil Pack

    I have no idea what the answer is but wondered if you should make it clear whether you are talking about earthing the LT or the HT side? As I implied, I know nothing about the P38, but if they have a 'wasted spark' system, then earthing the HT side is not a concern, and the LT side usually earths through the loom... Hope this helps, and if not then sorry to have wasted your time. Rog
  13. ThreeSheds

    LR4 halogen main/high beam - anyone fixed it?

    OK - so I think I have this licked... I installed a couple of cheap LED bulbs instead of the H7 and angled them in their mountings about 20o inwards, and have almost eliminated that annoying gap and the feeling that they are spotting treetops. (I get the feeling that I have written this before?). I also played with the alignment screws, and there was some improvement to be had, but as I suspected, the screws affect low beam too and so that has to be the deciding factor when setting up the lights. Tonight, if the weather is ok, I will go out and take some before and after photos to round off this thread.
  14. ThreeSheds

    Driving lights late 2018 update please....

    Lots of great advice here - thanks everyone! Looks like anything except expensive light bars are out. Also I'm not too keen on the looks of them. I think that I have come down on the side of halogen spots (I definitely need the range where I am, over the last three days I have driven over 500 miles with very few streetlights (except in the outskirts of Kinlochlewe - which was really weird!) and little in the way of cats-eyes or even white lines... I find that the normal high beams (HID in my case) are only good for about 40-50mph, if you don't know the road. I need something that will throw light out to well over 100 metres if poss. I have been looking at KC Hilites but they are a bit spendy, likewise Lightforce @BogMonster Maybe I am just being a cheapskate but I really don't want to spend more that £150 for a pair of lights. Thanks for the contributions everyone, the search continues
  15. ThreeSheds

    Random musings on the D4

    OK so here is a problem that is WAY beyond me... I want to be able to open/close the windows when the ignition is off. Several times recently I have tried to open a window when sitting in the car with the ignition off in order to for example, take a photo, and by the time I realise that it won't open without the ignition on, I have missed the opportunity. I am thinking that the door opening circuits are energised when the car is unlocked or single-locked and was wondering if I could somehow take a feed from there to power the windows? I looked at the circuit diagrams and there are various black-boxes involved, and that frightens me... So has anybody done it? If so then how, please? p.s. Most recently I missed an opportunity to talk to a nice YL because the window wouldn't open at just the right moment, so you can see how annoying it can be!

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