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  1. In my case it was just a 'pickle fork' and a bloody big hammer. It didn't fit well and it wrecked the ball joints, but since I was replacing them anyway that wasn't a problem. Your next bit of fun will be getting them out of the axle! it might be worth having a look at this:
  2. ThreeSheds

    Discovery Interior light

    Is it not controlled by the BCU? I seem to remember having trouble with mine not working until I locked and unlocked it or something like... Anyway - it didn't work, and then after a while it did. Sorry - not sure why. But keep messing and it might suddenly do it like mine did! What a useless post by me!
  3. I've been saving for a few years (well six actually) and finally decided that I can afford a newer car, and with my impending 65th birthday and hence no more NI contributions, I went out and bought a Disco 4... 😮 Yesterday I was looking at the D2 in the barn (on it's way to becoming an off-roader) and the D4 on the drive, and thinking that they are SO different that maybe there is a case for a new forum on here? Any thoughts on this? Roger
  4. ThreeSheds

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    I guess they only consider the first 'Owner' and assume that (s)he will have sold on the vehicle long before 10 years...
  5. ThreeSheds

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    ah - but the Owners Handbook does! (well, it says 'filled' not 'sealed', but that's just semantics )
  6. If it was a Disco 1, I know exactly where to poke it... Disco 2 likewise, but Disco 3/4? What are the weaknesses that I should look for? Tomorrow I will be driving the length of the country and on the way I will be looking at a D4 that is way outside my budget, but I am passing close by so I thought I would have a look - just for laughs and giggles https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/60-REG-LAND-ROVER-DISCOVERY-4-3-0TDV6-HSE-AUTO-LOW-MILEAGE/183421268124?hash=item2ab4c2709c:g:y8IAAOSwLEVbkpWi
  7. ThreeSheds

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    Phew - I am pleased about that Hopefully it's also an old wives tale about the service schedule requiring that the body is lifted in order to remove the gearbox's sump pan?
  8. ThreeSheds

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    Been watching youTube vids and you are right - it appears that a slightly different mindset is needed, but it appears that people have worked out ways around the worst of the "designed for easy assembly rather than easy maintenance" aspects of the car. By the way, the best example I found of the above mindset is the "sealed for life" autobox! What penny-pinching accountant came up with that idea? I guess it's ok if your vehicle "life" is only meant to extend through the initial buyer's ownership... (sorry if there are now any offended accountants out there, I haven't forgotten that an engineer put the design together, but I bet he cried himself to sleep after agreeing to that! ) But even with the sealed box there is a way around the problem So currently my thinking is to keep the rusting D2 on the road as long as I can, as both a spare car and for RTV trials if I get time. Then look at getting a D4 (since they seem to be a lot better than the D3) if possible within my budget. Talking of D4s, there appear to be some commercials around - since I only want two seats, is it possible to get one of these and then tax it as a two seat private car? (is that still called PLG?) ?? Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this discussion so far... You really are helping me enormously! Rog
  9. ThreeSheds

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    Hmm, on the other hand - these guys are doing pretty well:
  10. ThreeSheds

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    so many well made points follow that it made me feel like a week willed floating voter... I am sold sir (for now )
  11. ThreeSheds

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    To be honest and on reflection, if I went for a D3/4 I probably wouldn't trial it - a D2 on the other hand So I guess that is a (much needed) tick in the D2 column...
  12. ThreeSheds

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    Damn! That's annoying...
  13. ThreeSheds

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    Currently I am with the Buchan Off Road Drivers Club, but to be honest, since I joined I've not been able to attend anything due to a combination of other commitments and the current car being off the road a lot of the time. I used to do RTV events with The Yorkshire Off Road Club though and decided that as long as you are not too competitive and don't mind pulling out when a section gets too iffy, and have bumpers and rock/tree sliders, it's fun to drive around the course. Although over the years, my RRC did get rather 'modified' The other thing I am thinking of is joining The Highland 4 Wheel Drive Club, who have 'drive-outs' that look like fun. As you are probably aware there is no such ting as 'green lanes' in Scotland, but from what I have seen the H4WDC get permission to drive the estate tracks that are in abundance.. At the end of the day I have seen some interesting utube vids of D3/4 doing some amazing things and would like to give it a go. Not sure how far I will go along that way, but would like to try.
  14. ThreeSheds

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    That surprises me! I'll look into that as well then. Thanks
  15. ThreeSheds

    Disco 2 or Disco 3 ..... Discuss!

    Thanks for all that Mr D.. Interesting and well argued points. Sadly the RRS or similar is not an option since one of the important uses for this car will be to sleep in the back when touring abroad... One of the things I like about the D3/4 is the extra space in the back. Me and my partner can sleep in the back of the D2 but only just... The rear locker would be nice, but I've never had one anyway (although always had central lockers) so hopefully the 'terrain response' will be enough, but I too have noticed the lack of them in advertised cars. After driving my current (automatic) D2 I really want to get back to a manual, so will be looking for that whatever the model I choose. The amount of work involved in changing the autobox filter is off-putting too! The car will be used mainly on the road as a main car, with occasional RTV trials, foreign tours and snow and ice thrown in, so I think either the D2 or D3/4 will be excellent for me... Decisions decisions!

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