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front axles caster movement


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Take a look at this rather perculiar subject matter for YouTube. Is that amount of caster travel correct or do we think that the guy doesn't have radius arm bushed fitted?

I'm sure he has a problem judging by the amount of rotational travel on the brake calipers...but then again I've never filmed mine whilst moving!


Here's another which is not so interesting but it gives you an idea of whats happening down stairs whilst you're driving.



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Definitely not right.

Interesting to see the track rod resonating - you'd be a while finding that noise :lol:

Camera in the second video is going to suffer a short sharp death when it calls out of its hidey-hole. :D

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you'd be a while finding that noise

But not as daft as it first sounds does it! Imagine trying to find that elusive noise that was just bugging the hell out of you....

This clever little gadget freak managed to secure a tiny wee spy cam under his truck and has probably saved himself hours of head scratching and wrongfully diagnoised solutions.

Either that...or gaffer tape your mate underneath the chassis whilst you bimble off around the off road course!


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